Get a FREE Spotlight AD with your brand and links on ANY content!

Get a FREE Spotlight AD with your brand and links on ANY content!

Our members are all partners. We are a community. Users that help other others share content are rewarded with a FREE AD on content they share!

Guest "Sponsorship" Is FREE When You share content on Klusster

Share content. Get A FREE Ad

  1. When your content is uploaded to Klusster, thousands of fellow network members will have FREE access to your content to share on their social media.  When they socially share your content, they are automatically rewarded with a FREE Spotlight AD on your content.
  2. When you share another network member content, you are also provided a FREE Spotlight AD on the content you share.

What if I share other content?

When you share Klusster member content to your audience, your Spotlight AD will appear as below on all content you distribute:

Get a FREE Spotlight AD with your brand and links on ANY content!

2. What does the Spotlight "AD" look like on another members content?

Here is a sample post by one member that shared content from another network member. Everyone wins!!

Get a FREE Spotlight AD with your brand and links on ANY content!

3. Four easy steps to your BOOMERANG SPOTLIGHT AD!

  1. Create your Klusster Account. Add a minimum 2 pieces of quality content on Klusster
  2. Search for a piece of content you like on Klusster
  3. Share this content using our social links.
  4. That's it, you have just attached your brand & links to the content.

4. Search Engine Best Practices & The Spotlight Ad

We created the Spotlight Ad Program because we know that businesses that share external content  want to get some recognition for their distribution.

With Klusster, there is no fee associated with a SPOTLIGHT AD.  You are just sharing good content.

Klusster adheres to best search practices and your spotlight ad would be like putting a comment on a piece of content.

What's the best way to get my content shared?

The better the content, the greater chance of it being shared through Klusster.

We highly encourage business owners and marketers to create QUALITY CONTENT as we try to stream the most relevant content to our users for external distribution.

How much does this cost??

It's included in your membership.  Right now, life-time membership is FREE. You can share as much content as you wish and build your brand!

Create your account today, and upload your content to our network, and others can share your content FREE for life!!!

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