#digitalmarketers Help your clients build a STAFF POWERED publication.

#digitalmarketers Help your clients build a STAFF POWERED publication.

Fortunately, as marketers, we are entering an age where our clients truly have some appreciation for getting better content online.

Help your clients with Klusster!

The STAFF POWERED Publication

Creating a customized total company powered publication for your clients will get them greater local exposure and improve SEO at the same time.

Most of us have clients that want to figure out better ways to engage staff to have everyone generate greater success.

Building a Klusster STAFF POWERED, company branded publication can help!

The Scenario.  You have a client with 5-15 staff and the staff are equally vested in the success of the company. Your client is looking to their staff to share in the success of the business.  Perfect!

The Solution:  Create an online branded publication with Klusster the entire team can proudly share to help build the brand.

Just A Second Though: When the staff agrees to be part of this, there are 3 essential criteria to success of the publication.

1) The staff participates in the strategy of the publication.  It has to be a genuine.

2) The staff gets rewarded.  Their influence in building business is huge.  How will you encourage your client to reward staff for sharing.  It needs to be simple and consistent to be effective.

3) You need to provide them access to the success of their influence.  The Klusster Platform allows you to assign the leads of content to your staff directly if required.

The Benefits:

1 - Easily upload content, build a brand to develop trust in the community.

2 - Using the TEAM ALERTS feature of Klusster you can easily ADD staff members to help socially distribute your online publication.

3 - Track and reward the social influence efforts of each staff member.

4 - Increase the distribution of links to your client's website and positively influence search engine results.

5 -Most Importantly: Build a genuine relationship with the community reading the publication through valuable content and grow your client's business.

6 -Building a STAFF POWERED publication your client will have a collection of content ready to go to participate with a Klusster PEER group and get even more exposure in a GROUP PUBLICATION

What Your Client Will Need From You?

Clients need regular and quality content creation.  Although Klusster brings the team together to increase distribution, there is an ongoing need for you to harness the voice and brand the client wishes to portray.

Case Study:  A local salon builds an online publication.  Each week one new piece of content is uploaded for the company employees and social media professionals to share.

The Result: Over 1000 new content engagements each month.

In addition, you are a marketer.  Your help in making sure the staff feels part of the solution is imperative.  We highly suggest that any STAFF POWERED publication has significant input from the STAFF.

Summary:  Within days not weeks, your clients can have a publication that gets them greater direct authentic exposure and greater relationships with their staff.

Ready to build?

Learn some of our tips for building a quality STAFF POWERED publication, Register for our next STAFF POWERED Publication Webinar!