Create a GROUP BLOG or TEAM BLOG with your existing network!

Create a GROUP BLOG or TEAM BLOG with your existing network!

You have a business. Klusster provides you two ways to reach more people and leverage your existing connections.

The Group Blog

No matter how good your social media, you can always combine forces with others to significantly magnify your reach.

For example, a dentist, chiropractor and a physiotherapist could work together to build a better health blog and educate more people than any one business could on their own.

What business owners do you work with in your community?

Build Your Group Blog Today!

You have all heard the saying...

"The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

It's true...

With a GROUP BLOG,  a single business connected to 1000 people when working with 10 other businesses will now expand their reach to 10,000 people being part of a group.

The GROUP immediately reaches significantly more and new people.

Klusster is a leading group blogging platform that gives networks all the tools they need to form a productive community.

How would you like other businesses to share your content?

  1. More exposure for your brand.
  2. Your content referred by another business.
  3. Consumers are happier as they get more knowledge in a central location.
  4. Sharing business is happy because they now have content to add-value to their audience.

The Sales Team Blog

With a Klusster Team Blog, you can easily assemble your sales team to distribute one consistent BLOG on behalf of the company.

Assemble Your Team Today

How would you like to benefit your sales team?

  1. Create one publication for up to 100 sales members.
  2. Your sales team can send content directly from their phones.
  3. Track the participation and distribution of each team member.
  4. SEND LEADS directly to the sales professional tied to the LEAD

Why Klusster?

Klusster is all about businesses & teams that work together.

  1. Easily upload content to a central location.
  2. Easily ADD your content to the GROUP BLOG. Our platform enables networks to easily upload content, share content and track the strength of the group in distributing more content.
  3. Auto sharing notifications so the network can know "whats new to share" in the community.
  4. Statistics on content views in the network and participation by each member.

We are a turnkey platform that provides businesses need to build a GROUP or SALES TEAM Blog.

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