What Is CBD Cream?

What Is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is a non-addictive way to treat pain, especially pain caused by skin conditions. If you are looking for relief, then you need the facts.

No doubt, CBD is becoming a trend throughout the world. Consumers are talking about the benefits of CBD, ranging from pain relief to less anxiety. Since pain is something no one wants to live with, it is no wonder so many people are reaching for CBD creams, tinctures, and oils to help. But is it worth it?

CBD cream is a non-addictive way to treat pain, especially pain caused by skin conditions. It doesn’t matter what you suffer from. If you are looking for relief, then you need the facts. That is why we put together this article to tell you everything you need to know about CBD cream.

What Is CBD?

Let’s first learn a bit more about the most valuable ingredient in CBD creams. CBD is short for “cannabidiol,” a chemical compound called a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant, which is divided into two separate sub-species: hemp and cannibis. CBD is often compared to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is found largely in cannibis.

Both CBD and THC can benefit the body by acting upon a system in the body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The human body makes cannabinoids naturally (endocannabinoids) that attach to receptors, much like neurotransmitters, and have an effect on the body, such as influencing pain, sleep, and mood. Two types of cannabinoid receptors have been found—CB1 and CB2. The first type mainly works within the central nervous system, affecting the brain and spinal cord, whereas CB2 receptors are found in immune system tissues.

Interestingly, both CB1 and CB2 receptors are present in the skin. CBD works to block the effect of the receptors, making it ideal for regulating certain functions of the ECS and other neurotransmitters.

In short, CBD is a cannabinoid that can help minimize pain, anxiety, and regulate sleep by acting upon CB1 and CB2 receptors.

What Is CBD Cream?

As you have probably already figured out, CBD cream is just topical cream with a little CBD extract mixed into the formula. Topical cream usually is comprised of things like industrial hemp stems and leaves, purified oils, and lotions. Most often, CBD cream is used for skin conditions and injuries, but it can have other uses as well.

Is CBD Cream Different From CBD Oil?

Now, here is one question most people overlook. Is CBD cream any less potent than CBD oil? How does it differ in effectiveness and application? Here is the breakdown of the two main differences between CBD oil and CBD cream:

CBD cream cannot be ingested like CBD oil. It is for topical application only.

CBD oil cannot be used as an essential oil and rubbed on the body. It is for sublingual (under the tongue) application only.

Why might you want to use one over the other? First, if you want immediate relief for things like anxiety, you might want to try oils in the beginning. Second, if you are trying to rid yourself of internal pain, CBD cream may not be for you.

How Do You Use CBD Cream?

Using CBD cream is easy! Just like lotions, you simply need to identify the dry patch of skin or itchy spot and apply some of the ointment or cream on the area for relief.

Of course, a little more thought goes into using CBD cream. You cannot slather it all over yourself for one reason: dosing. Administering the correct dosage of CBD is a bit more confusing for creams than it is for tinctures and oils. You will need to figure out how many milligrams are correct for you and your condition so that you get the therapeutic benefits.

If you use too little, you will not have much of an effect from the cream. For those who have a high tolerance to CBD, you may have to purchase a cream with a higher concentration of cannabidiol to feel any changes.

Although there are little to no side-effects of using hemp-derived CBD creams, you should not overdo application either. The last thing you want is to become desensitized to something that helps your condition.

What Are The Benefits of Using CBD Cream?

Why do people use CBD cream? Obviously, if it was not effective and didn’t alleviate pain, CBD products would not be as popular as they are. CBD creams are a wonderful alternative to other ointments and creams, since most of CBD products have few synthetic chemicals added. Aside from that, CBD products are excellent analgesics (pain relievers).

Let’s have a look at some of the conditions CBD creams can be used for:

Skin Inflammation

CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. If your skin is inflamed from a burn or from an autoimmune disease flare-up, you can use CBD cream to soothe the irritated skin and make it much less sensitive.

Dry Skin & Eczema

CBD creams often contain emollient ingredients to assist with keeping moisture in the skin, healing cracks, and preventing the painful patches caused by eczema. Plus, CBD creams will lessen the pain and discomfort that comes with dry, itchy, and blistered skin.

Joint Pain

Many people use CBD products—tinctures, oils, and creams—for joint and tissue pain. Stiffness in the joints caused by diseases like arthritis or even injured ligaments can be greatly reduced with a little CBD cream. In fact, any bout of bursitis, gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or even pain caused by aging can be dulled with some CBD cream.


Another painful skin condition that can be lessened with CBD cream is shingles. A branch of the chickenpox, shingles causes a burning rash and blisters that can affect the nerves and leave residual pain for many months. If there is nerve damage, the pain caused by shingles can be excruciating. Although CBD cream cannot treat shingles or reduce the time it takes for the virus to run its course, it can ease the pain.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder the causes inflamed, red, itchy patches of skin that look like scales to form. The breakouts often happen on the shins, around the finger and toenails, the scalp, or the elbows. Psoriasis can be very uncomfortable and even embarrassing for those who have it. CBD cream can be applied to the patches to relieve the itching and inflammation, making the breakouts less noticeable and irritating.

Muscle Pain, Strain, & Sports Injuries

Do you spend a lot of time in the gym? Are you or your child an athlete? Sports injuries, such as muscle strains, can happen to anyone, no matter how in shape they are, and that can cause a few days of discomfort. One solution to sports-related injuries is to rub sore muscles, sprains, and strains with some CBD cream and get plenty of rest. You will be amazed by how fast the pain melts away.

Can CBD Get You High?

Simply stated, CBD cream will not get you high. Any pure CBD product contains no psychoactive chemicals, so you will not get the same effects as you would if you use cannabis-infused items containing THC.

While we are on the subject of THC and psychoactive potential, let’s briefly touch on the legality of both THC and CBD. CBD has been legalized for the most part in the UK, with a few exceptions based on how the CBD is sourced and what it contains (is it pure CBD or not?). Meanwhile, THC is considered illegal, and even getting a CBD item that contains THC is considered contraband. There are many layers to CBD production and circulation, but if you buy from a reputable manufacturer or store, you should not have to worry about whether what you are purchasing is legal.

As long as you do not procure anything containing THC, you will be fine—and you won’t get high either.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Cream?

Presently, there are hardly any known inherent side effects to CBD products, including topical creams. If you have sensitive skin, you will have to worry more about the other ingredients in the creams and salves and not so much about the CBD content. For example, many creams will contain fragrances or chemicals that you may be allergic to or not tolerate well.

In most cases, however, the ingredients of CBD creams are natural, since vitamin E oils, beeswax, and olive oil.

The only time you might have to worry about side effects from CBD is if you licked or ate the cream—which is not only unpalatable but also not meant for human consumption anyway. When CBD is ingested, it can cause dry mouth and a slow down in the liver’s metabolic function. The latter can be problematic if you are on any other forms of medication.

For example, if you’re on medication for heart problems, ingesting CBD could potentially stop the medication from functioning. Don’t put yourself in that kind of danger. Do not eat your CBD cream, no matter how tempting.

Buyer’s Guide To Topical CBD Products

If you want to give CBD salve, patches, or creams a try, then you need to know where and how to get a quality product. Since much of the industry is unregulated, you need to know how to select the best of the best, wherever you are. Here are some buying tips to help:

Know outrageous claims when you see them. There are some products out there that will tell you CBD can cure cancer. Don’t believe it. CBD is not a cure for anything, just a holistic method alleviating pain, anxiety, and other ills.

Look for authenticity. Whether it comes in the form of a certificate or emblems on the label or from a local producer, you need to see some sign of authenticity. Most products purchased online will come with a certificate of authenticity that breaks down all the information you need to know, including the ingredients.

Do your research. There are thousands of CBD creams available for you to buy. It is a good idea to know a little more about the industry. Also, find out who the most reputable sellers and producers are in your area.

Read the label. Once you know what you want to buy, you need to double check that you are not getting sold solidified canola oil or something similar. Read the ingredients. Does the cream contain anything you are allergic to? Do you have any other considerations, like paraben-free or cruelty-free products? Is it British-made or from somewhere else?

Dosage is important, too. Labels will tell you how often you can use the CBD cream. Since the amount of CBD may differ from product to product, the dosing (or the intervals between when you can reapply) may be different, as well. Don’t assume that all products are the same.

Final Thoughts on Topical CBD Cream

If you have been thinking about CBD cream to your skincare or healthcare regimen, you should now have the answers to help you decide. CBD cream comes in many forms, such as lotions, salves, serums, and topical creams that can be applied directly to the skin to help with dryness, irritation, and even muscle injuries for relief from pain and discomfort. Best of all, it is a natural solution.

You have nothing to lose but the pain, so why not give CBD cream a try?

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