What is Detox and what are the benefits?

What is Detox and what are the benefits?

In this article we discuss the benefits of doing a detox and different ways that you can accomplish it.

Do you feel that your weight keeps creeping up even though you are being diligent about counting your calories?  Are you constantly feeling fatigued?  Do you suffer from unexplained mood swings?  Perhaps your muscles ache constantly and chronically?

These are all signs that your body could probably benefit from doing a detox.  Detoxing has gained popularity in recent years as people are becoming more aware and conscious of their health.

What Causes Toxicity?

What is Detox and what are the benefits?

Standard American Diet

So what causes our bodies to become toxic?

I am glad you asked...One of the leading contributors to toxicity in the human body is the Standard American Diet (also known as SAD, appropriately enough).  The Standard American Diet (usually) consists of a lot of processed foods that our bodies are not designed to digest properly.  A lot of fast food with preservatives etc...

Another contributing factor can be overeating.  Overeating puts an immense amount of stress on the digestion system.  Combine that with a SAD and the results are definitely sad.

There are several more contributing factors that you can find here in this article written by Todd Durkin, such as not drinking enough water and stress.

What Are The Benefits of Detoxing?

Some of the benefits of detoxing your body, or doing a cleanse are as follows...

Weight Loss, Ridding the Body of Excess Waste, Getting a Boost of Energy and Strengthening Your Immune System and many many more that you can read about in this excellent article on the SelfCarer website.

So What Do We Do?

Well, the answer is detoxify the body!  And how do we do that you may ask?

There are several companies out there that offer Juice cleanses.  You buy there juices, drink them at prescribed times, and the clean out your system.

You could do a liver cleanse by eating bitter greens , dandelion greens and other Liver friendly foods.

Check out this article here on 11 Natural Methods for Detoxing Your Body

One method that I use that is not listed on the website may sound like Science Fiction to some people.  I have a machine that is known as a Rife Generator and it sends frequencies through the body to accomplish different objectives.  Everything from healing scars to reducing pain to helping you sleep better to detoxing the body.  Yes, detoxing the body.  After all, that's what we are talking about right?

By sending the appropriate frequencies to the body, the Rife Generator can remove heavy metals, kill and remove parasitic pathogens, clean out any possible systemic toxins and much more.  I am currently running the detox program on myself and enjoying the benefits of detoxing the body.

The cool thing about doing a detox using the Rife Generator is that you are not constrained to eating bitter greens (for instance), though that will assist with the cleanse.  You don't have to buy Cleansing Juices and drink them on a schedule.

In fact, with the model that I have, I can run the detox program remotely, meaning that my generator is connected to my laptop in my office and I can be literally on the other side of the world and reap the benefits.  Pretty cool, right?  Told you it had a Sciencey Fictiony sound to it.

If you would like to learn more about how you can achieve better health from a detox using a Rife Generator, I encourage you to reach out to me and let's have a conversation!