Access Bars and the Corona Virus

Access Bars and the Corona Virus

These are interesting times that we are experiencing.

Iknow what you're thinking.  You are sitting there asking yourself, "How can getting my Bars run help with the Corona Virus?"

Well, Iam glad you asked!

With the media doing its job so well, there is a massive amount of fear, anxiety and panic in the world right now regarding the Corona Virus or Covid 19 as it is also known.

I think being aware and cautious about what is happening in the world with the virus is healthy.  I think limiting any unnecessary travel is not a bad thing.  And a little extra hand washing and hand sanitizer is definitely a good thing.

Access Bars and the Corona Virus

Proper Handwashing Procedure

Outright fear?  High Anxiety?  Panic?  Definitely not healty.....

So, back to your question.  How can having your Bars run help with the virus?

When a person experiences a high level of fear and anxiety, it can raise the body's stress level. ("Fear ALWAYS produces an associated stress (emergency) response. The degree of stress response is directly proportional to the degree of fear. The greater the fear, the more dramatic the stress response.")

When a person's stress level is elevated it can compromise a person's immune system, lowering its ability to fight off infection. ("When we're stressed, the immune system's ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections.")

When the immune system is compromised that increases the chance of getting sick.

So, as we all know, getting your Bars run can greatly reduce the feeling of fear and anxiety.  ("In the participants, the severity of anxiety symptoms was decreased by an average of 84.7% and the severity of depression symptoms was decreased by an average of 82.7%.")

When the feelings of fear and anxiety are reduced, the stress levels in your body are reduced, which means the chances of your immune system being compromised is redcued and that means the likeliehood of getting sick is greatly reduced!

And that is how having your Bars run can help you regarding this craziness with the Corona Virus.

I recommend that you look for a practitioner in your area and have a conversation with them.  Some practitioners even have other tools in their toolbox that can even increase the chances of your staying healthy even more.

So stay calm, wash your hands and enjoy what life has to offer!

Peter J. Gosciola ~ Your well-being IS my business.