Awakenings: Expectation vs Reality

Awakenings:  Expectation vs Reality

Last week we talked about Spiritual Ascension. This week, Awakenings. Expectation vs Reality

Recently we talked about Spiritual Ascension.  Today's contribution is an article related to Ascension or Awakening where the author, Elizabeth Gordon has a little fun describing the Expectation vs the Reality of going through and/or reaching your Ascension.

Here is an excerpt from that article that really stood out for me:  "Awakenings don’t just come for anyone. They seek out those who are strong enough to take a hit. Awakenings don’t f*ck around, because they have a mission: to help us arrive. To arrive at our deepest place of love and compassion. To arrive at our endless inner wisdom. To arrive at the tender crossroads of accepting ourselves and loving others. To arrive at the place in which we are in full trust of who and what we are. To arrive at our shattered places and pour some light over them."

Enjoy the article and reach out to me on my Facebook page and let me know how this article speaks to you.

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