A Client Experience

A Client Experience

Let me share a client experience with you.

Have you ever wondered what an Access the Bars session could do for you?  It's great to read and hear about the benefits of having a session, and until you have one of your own you just don't know for sure what it can do for you.

It this article I am going to share an experience that one of my clients had after her first session with me.

'Susan' (I changed her name to protect her privacy) is someone that I see that coaches me in my business.  She helps to guide me on my path and helps me to make decisions on next steps, marketing etc.  I have been working with her for about a year and have actually jumped in and out of a few different businesses until now.

Shortly after I was certified in Access the Bars, I offered Susan a session so that she could experience first hand what I do and perhaps become a referral source for me.

Susan mentioned that she had a session in the past with another practitioner and enjoyed it.  She also mentioned that she didn't have any earth shattering results, so Iwas eager to run her bars so she would have something to campare.

We set an appointment for December 7th.  I showed up at the scheduled time, set up my table and then had a brief conversation on how I run the session.

My experience so far is that an average session with me runs approximately 90 minutes.  I have spoken with other practitioners and they tell me an average session for them is 50 to 60 minutes on the table.

So, Susan gets on the table,pulls her blanket over her and I begin the session.

A Client Experience

A little over an hour later, I was on the 3rd last position and I noticed that Susan was getting very restless and I could feel my fingertips getting VERY warm.

Now, before I continue with my client experience, I would like to ell you about what i myself experience.  Whenever I run a client's bars or have energy work done on me, I perceive the energy as heat.  I have a woman that performs Bowen Therapy on me, which is a form of bodywork that mostly happens on the energy meridians of the body.  When my therapist performs a manipulation, her hands feel hot to me.

When I am running bars on a client and my fingertips heat up, I feel means there is a particularly stubborn block there that I am clearing.

So, getting back to Susan.  I was on the 3rd last position and when I hit that cluster Susan became very restless and my fingertips felt very warm.

A Client Experience

Ok, that's a bit of an exageration.

About another 15 minutes on the table and the session was complete.

Susan is the warmest, kindest most open woman that I know.  When she sat up on the table she had a look on her face that I can only describe as total disgust.  Not only have I never seen that look on her face, I never would have pictured it!

Susan wrapped her blaqnket around her, walked to the furthest char in her living room from me that she could, sat down brought her knees up and wrapped the blanket around her even tighter.  She would barely make eye contact with me!  I didn't let it show on my face that I was shocked.  I was genuinely concerned that I 'broke' something.

I asked Susan if anything came up for her during the session and she said, "Ijust felt that it was too long, and to be honest, Ididn't really enjoy it."

I mentioned that I noticed she became restless at this particular cluster of bars, one in particular.  So I went to my book and read to Susan what that bar 'means', according to the founder of Access Consciousness.

Well, Susan's reaction to what I read was "Who the hell does he think he is?  What does he know about this stuff?  I have been doing energy work for 15 years!" and more.  Again, keeping a straight face as I packed up my table, I was shocked.

I packed up my table and got out of there!

A couple of days later, I sent her an email to follow up and ask if anything else had come up since the session and Susan basically said, "I felt the session was too long, I didn't really enjoy it.  I don't think it's for me.  Thank you for the experience."

That was December 9th.

Now, I had an appointment booked with her for January 2nd to work on some of my stuff, and I was a little concerned that she was going to cancel and drop me as a client.  I know it sounds silly.  That's how I felt though.

Fortunately that's not how this story ends...

On Christmas Eve, my sister and I dropped by Susan's house to drop of some goods that we picked up for her and to wish her a Merry Christmas.  I almost didn't go to the door.  I wanted to wish her a Merry Christmas and see how she was doing, so I went with my sister.

When Susan saw me, her whole face lit up.  "Oh my goodness, it is so good to see you!  We need to talk.  I need to tell you what happened!"  That was NOT the greeting that I was expecting.

I saw Susan on January 2nd for my appointment.  When we finished working on my stuff we had a conversation about what happened with her in the time following the session.

Susan experiences fear as the end of the month approaches.  All her bills come due.  Mortgage, Car payment, insurance etc.  Susan always worries that the money won't be there, that something will happen, that clients won't pay in time, and on and on.

As the end of December approached, Susan noticed that the fear was gone!  She knew the bills were coming and she had no fear that she would be short.  She was calm and confident that the money she would need would be there and it was!  With a little left over.

Many of my clients have given me similar feedback.  They are able to release fear and anxiety with greater ease then they had in the past, and that is something I love to hear.

So, if you're wondering what YOU could experience, the best way to find out is to book your own session.  I am a mobile service and provide my service in the comfort of your home.

Please check out my Facebook page for more information and to book your session today.

A Client Experience

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