Studying abroad during the pandemic

Studying abroad during the pandemic
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Is studying abroad still an option? Is it still worth pursuing that goal? Find out what is involved in studying abroad during the new normal.

The first burst of covid-19 completely paralysed the world. However, despite the interruption of daily activities, society has adapted to the new normal conditions, adopting measures to continue with work and education while protecting everyone's health.

Thanks to those changes, flying is allowed again, and the possibility of studying abroad. Countries like the US, Germany, and Spain have adapted to the new normal, allowing students from abroad to study in those countries. However, it is worth considering that the number of cases is still relatively high, making other countries attractive options. For instance, many students have opted to study in Australia, an excellent choice considering the high quality of their education, the multicultural environment, and the lower number of covid cases.

So don't leave your dream of studying abroad behind. Instead, find out the current options and how you can benefit from studying abroad during the pandemic in this article.

Is studying abroad still possible?

The simple answer is yes! Of course, there was an interruption for a while during the pandemic's start. Nevertheless, as each country started to adopt alternative methods for education and covid protection measures, the classrooms were able to open up again, first to locals and then to international students.

There are excellent experiences from students who decided to go abroad despite the pandemic. For example, Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain, has published good experiences from international students from various countries. Among the advantages they mention are the quieter time that they can spend studying and the possibility of going into the city walking through the so many beautiful locations that a city like Madrid can offer. A key detail mentioned is how safe they feel after seeing how everyone wears their masks and maintains social distancing.

Studying abroad during the pandemic

What are the requirements?

The current requirements for studying abroad are now a giant puzzle. Before, it was not easy to know what a university required as per qualifications and the country as per visa requirements. Then, on top of those requirements, you have to research the current travel conditions related to covid.

Some countries require being fully vaccinated, which means having two doses of the most commonly accepted vaccines. Other countries require the booster, while others let you participate in the class with just a negative PCR test every two weeks.

It might sound overwhelming, but finding the requirements for each country is easier now than before. So start researching your favourite university and write down all the requirements to prepare for your studying abroad journey.

What is life like when studying abroad during the pandemic?

Indeed, life is not the same as before, and the same is true for university classes. The recurrent waves of covid have forced countries to put their educational establishments in lockdown, to divide the class to have some connecting online while others attend in person, and to increase the safety measures. All in all, these changes have a pretty positive side to them. Consider, for instance, how the reduced exposure to big groups of people have changed the students approach to starting relationships. For the sake of safety, they create social bubbles, allowing them to have closer and deeper relationships but with fewer students.

Also, there is more time to spend alone, which is great for meditating, studying, and walking around the city. These advantages have allowed students to focus more on their studies and their wellbeing, creating a solid learning experience when studying abroad.

Studying abroad during the pandemic

Why Study in Australia remains an excellent option?

After considering the current scenario for studying abroad, Australia shows up as one of the best options for international students. Why?

  1. Well-controlled pandemic outbreak. The number of cases in Australia has remained low during the last two years compared to other countries. This is because their geographic conditions and strict measures have protected the country's inhabitants, allowing them to have a more normal life. This means a better chance for you to study abroad and remain safe.
  2. Multicultural environment. Australia's population is significantly composed of immigrants. Making 30% of the people, Australians are used to various cultures and languages, making it easy for foreigners to adapt and feel welcomed.
  3. Internationally recognised education. Australian higher education is well-known for its excellent quality around the world. With degrees recognised in many countries, Australia shows up as one of the top countries to study abroad.

What do I need to Study in Australia?

Before you start your journey to study in Australia, make sure you are aware of all the requirements in the following three areas:

  1. Educational establishment requirements. Each college, institute, and university have different requirements for international students. Therefore, it is recommended to work with your current educational institution to find universities with agreements with your country to validate your studies.
  2. COVID-19 restrictions. Similarly, every country has different COVID-19 restrictions for travelling. These restrictions are constantly changing, so make sure to subscribe to whatever official communication channel the government has when analysing the options.
  3. Immigration requirements. The visa requirements might vary from one country of origin to another, but generally, they are based on the length of the stay. For example, short courses can be taken even on a tourist visa. However, you might need to apply for a student visa longer than three months. For example, in Australia, you will need a student visa, with the benefit of being allowed to work during your stay.

Do I need extra help?

Absolutely! Studying abroad is a significant investment that for sure pays off, but you want to make sure that all your planning and immigration process is successful. If you decide to study in Australia, there is no better option than having the backing of PK Harrison Australian Visa Services. Thanks to their considerable experience and involvement in so many visa application processes, PK Harrison will give you the help and reassurance you need to submit your visa application with complete peace of mind.

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Studying abroad during the pandemic

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