Pressure Washing or Power Washing?

Pressure Washing or Power Washing?
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Pressure washing and power washing are commonly confused terms. Can you use them interchangeably? The simple answer is no, but let’s see why.

The differences between power washing and pressure washing

You are not the only one who doesn’t know that these terms are different. And no wonder! Both are so similar and use almost the same machine, so how could they be different? Well, the reality is that they are entirely different. Now, thanks to the expert team of pressure washing in Victoria, BC, we will clear up the differences for you.

Pressure washing. Pressure washing uses highly pressurised water to remove mould, dirt, grime, dust, loose paint, and bird droppings, among other things, from any kind of hard surfaces such as vehicles, driveways, outside walls, and buildings. It is a standard service that cleaning companies provide, but it is also frequently done by house owners who have their own pressure washers.

The machine itself is nothing more than a water pump powered by an electric or gas motor. The pressure washer connects to a hose or another water source so that the pump can draw the water out and pressurise it. After that, the pressure washer outputs the pressurised water through a trigger gun that squirts out the water in different pressure levels according to the end nozzle used. The result is a powerful stream of water that quickly removes dirt or grime without the need for scrubbing.

Power Washing. On the other hand, a power washer combines highly pressured water with high temperatures. The hot water that comes out is more powerful when removing mould, dirt, grime, loose paint, bird droppings, and even chewing gum from hard surfaces and objects such as boats, vehicles, bikes, walls, buildings, and concrete surfaces. Combining hot water and highly pressurised water makes power washing more effective than pressure washing for removing challenging residues like mould or salt. For instance, a great use of power washing is for removing those tough grease stains on driveways and garage floors.

So what is the difference? Despite the similar machines, the big difference lies in the water temperature. Pressure washing is undoubtedly the most common method used at home and by cleaning companies. Also, using cold water makes the equipment more portable, and it has a better energy efficiency rank. The subtle difference between these two cleaning methods makes pressure washing the most affordable and effective for its price since it can efficiently perform 80% to 90% of the jobs that a power washer can do. But, when should you use each of these cleaning methods?

When to use a pressure washer

Pressure washers are perfect for cleaning almost any surface around your house, including driveways, fences, walls, pathways, outdoor furniture, grills, tiles, roofs, security bars, and even synthetic grass. Also, they are perfect machines for washing your car, bike, or ATV, no matter how much mud they have on them.

With a pressure washer, you can remove things such as mud, dust, grime, mould, and other residues that you can find on porous surfaces like concrete and wood.

When to use a power washer

Power washers can be used for every task where you usually use a pressure washer. However, the power washer will be able to do the job quicker and more effectively thanks to the high temperature of the water.

Some stains need hot water to loosen up—for instance, grease stains under your parked car. Whenever there is a leak in the car’s engine or transmission, some of the oil will fall on top of the garage floor or driveway. Since the surface is porous, the grease gets into every tiny pore, making it impossible to remove with soapy water and scrubbing. Here is when a power washer comes in handy, the hot water loosens up the grease, and the pressurised water hitting the concrete will reach every single pore of the surface, completely removing all remains of the grease stain.

Power washers are often used for unique jobs or heavy-duty cleaning. It is common to see companies using these machines that can remove the most difficult stains when used with special detergents. However, because the power washer is used for more complicated jobs, it is common to see cleaning companies or house owners use them with soap or other detergents. Suppose you intend to use a power washer with soap or detergents at home. In that case, you should have a look at what the Victoria, BC, government has collected as best practices in the Power Washing Without Pollution document to make sure you do it in an environmentally friendly way.

Which one should you buy

Pressure washing at home by yourself will never include heavy-duty jobs like those performed by businesses of pressure washing in Victoria, BC. Therefore, there is no need for such a robust power washer at home.

Pressure washers are available in a wide variety of sizes and power capabilities. You can even find portable models that work with batteries that you can connect to any water source, even water from a bucket. Keep in mind, though, that Battery-powered pressure washers are not as nearly as powerful for pressurising the water as a corded machine.

You can get a pressure washer for home with decent power and an electric engine that you can plug into any standard power socket. Otherwise, you can get a gas motor pressure washer that provides the most significant amount of power but for a higher price. Either way, you can see the options for yourself in any Sydney tools store.

Pressure Washing or Power Washing?

It is worth analysing the needs of your house for pressure washing. That analysis will help you see how often you will use the machine. For instance, if you only use it once a week to wash your car, an electric pressure washer would be a nice suit. But if you intend to use it to clean the outside of your house every 6 or 10 months, it is more convenient to hire the services of a local pressure washing team in Victoria, BC.

The bottom line

Pressure washing and power washing are not the same. Pressure washing uses cold water, while power washing uses hot water.

Pressure washers are excellent machines to have at home. It allows you to wash your car, bike, and house. Nevertheless, if you want to do a big job of cleaning all exterior surfaces of your home, hiring a local pressure washing company is recommended.

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