How to cut expenses on the construction of your new house!

How to cut expenses on the construction of your new house!
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Do you want to save money on the construction of your next house? Then, find out this easy and safe way to save lots of money while having excellent results!

We all have the dream of building our own house. But, unfortunately, these kinds of projects cost a lot of money, whether that means starting from scratch or remodelling your old house. So how can you make the most of your budget to build the house of your dreams?

Of course, you would never want to lower the quality of the construction of your house just for the sake of saving money. However, expenses on residential construction projects often escalate out of proportion, and many go on that disastrous route. The good news is that there is a safe way to cut expenses from your project without compromising the quality. How? The key lies in good planning and expert advice. Yes! With the help of an expert building cost estimator, you can calculate all the expenses involved in your project and go ahead with the construction without surprises. Like many other things in life, higher investment in the early stage will pay off in the end.

So how can you keep your project expenses under control? How can you cut costs in the long run? This guide contains all the expert advice you need to make sure you save every possible cent in your project. So continue reading and start the journey to successful project completion.

How to cut expenses on the construction of your new house!

Understanding all the elements involved

Did you know that the leading cause of stress and anxiety are unmet expectations? It happens all the time. When you are not involved in the construction world, there is no way for you to know all the details and implications involved in a residential construction project. The result? Unrealistic expectations on critical matters such as timing and costs. Don't feel bad if you have already created some of these expectations. It is absolutely normal. The important thing is to act sooner than later and get the expert advice that you need.

So what is the secret to getting that so necessary expert advice? First, get in touch with the right consultants. There are plenty of building cost estimators in Victoria that can help you with this task. What is a building cost estimator? A construction cost estimator is a professional in the construction industry who is well aware of the costs and implications of a construction project. Critical paths, order of precedence, and needed resources are all items that a building cost estimator is constantly exposed to in their day to day work. This exposure allows them to be the best fit for creating a bill of quantities that contains, in detail, all the expenses involved in your project. All the data they provide reflect the most up to date costs of construction materials and labour. Also, many building construction estimators can provide construction project scheduling services that give you an accurate project timeline you can rely on.

There are great benefits in having a Gantt chart for your project or a timeline schedule. When you see all your project's tasks in a timeline with their correct order of precedence, you start understanding better why some activities take longer than what you might think. Professional building cost estimators benefit significantly from their exposure to several projects simultaneously. This allows them to give accurate costs and timing estimates

So what have you learned so far? First, some experts can help you by giving you accurate data to estimate the costs and timing of your project. Second, you can use that data to adjust your expectations for the construction. Doing so will help you deal with your construction project in a much better way. Actually, adjusting expectations to reality have tremendous benefits to your health, according to the Better Health Channel from Victoria's government.

How to cut expenses on the construction of your new house!

Get the right people

Now that you fully understand your project, its actual costs and timings, you can start looking for the right crew to build your house.

Don't forget about the tremendous value of the data that your building cost estimator gave you. Knowing the current market costs of construction labour will help you choose a contractor that charges honestly and doesn't want to rip you off.

At the same time, knowing the actual costs will stop you from accepting a suspiciously cheap quote from contractors. It can be tempting to cut expenses by hiring a cheaper contractor, but it is likely not the best approach. Why?

Saving money on construction labour can have severe consequences for the end result of your project. Poor finishes, compromised quality, and even structural problems are some of the terrible effects you can have if you hire an inexperienced construction crew. Remember that we are talking about building the house of your dreams. For sure, you want it to remain as the dream house and not a nightmare house! So, how can you find the right crew for your project? Follow these suggestions, and you will have great results.

1. Compare more than a few contractors. It does take time to approach different contractors and wait for their quotes, but a project of this kind deserves deep market research. Make sure to get written quotes or proposals from all of them so that you can easily compare afterwards.

Don't forget to use your bill of quantities when looking at their quotes. By comparing the quotes with the construction cost estimates provided by your building cost estimator, you will be able to determine who is the best option for you.

2. Clearly determine your objectives. You must be clear on what you want before talking to the contractors for many details of your project, such as kitchen cabinets or materials selection. If you vaguely explain your ideas, you are basically giving the contractor the freedom to do what they think is best. So be specific, materials, colours, dimensions, you must have all these details at hand so that the crew understands that you know exactly what you want. This will also reduce the chances of misunderstandings later on in the project.

3. What do others say? Find out locally what are the references about the different contractors. Have the neighbours in your area worked with them in the past? Were they satisfied with the results? You can always find reviews on the internet, but sometimes these are manipulated, so there is nothing like the local word of mouth in this regard

4. Be patient. When you find the right crew, don't expect them to start your project immediately. If they are fully scheduled, be patient and wait for their next availability. It will be worth the wait.

Interestingly, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a constant increase in building approvals in Victoria alone. That means having more fully scheduled contractors in the area than you may expect.


Investing more in the planning stages of your residential construction project is the best way to save money in the long run. Therefore, you will:

  1. Order a construction estimate from a building cost estimator.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the project timeline.
  3. Get the right construction crew.

Your home build project will go as smoothly as silk if you stick to these simple tips.

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