We promise. Get your #SEO & learn what's important to your biz. Agree @semrush?

We promise.  Get your #SEO & learn what's important to your biz. Agree @semrush?

When clients hire us to help them with SEO, inevitably we help them better understand their business. SEO not only provides traffic. It provides direction.

A Bunch Of Words

Before we start an SEO project we tell businesses that their efforts in understanding SEO strategy is going to be the best exercise they have done in a long while understanding their business.

We start with a bunch of words and a few competitors.

Our conversation starts informally.  We ask businesses what words describe their business and who do they feel are their greatest competitors.

From this point on the fun begins.

With that one little conversation we come up with close to 1000 search terms that help us determine what's important to the client.  We also come up with a list where the company ranks in search and for what terms.

The Result?

Every business owner is SHOCKED where they rank for search terms.  Every business we talk to from seeing these words develops a sense of urgency, a reaction.  "OMG I have to be higher for that term." "What? That term is searched 360 times" We get so much blood flowing from our initial work, that we have to calm down the client.  The reason.  Measure twice. Cut Once.

SEO, Strategy equals business strategy

SEO - Helps Business Strategy

There is nothing crazier than putting up content on a website without strategy.

What next?

For the next little while, we painstakingly prioritize words and build a map of the content we will create for the client. We also work with the client to build the map.

1. What words are most important?

2. What search terms are low hanging fruit?

3. What products do you no longer sell?

What's Incredible?

As SEO professionals, we force businesses to really look at their business. Because when you lay out a business on your website and it feels like a dogs breakfast, it likely is.  But when you lay out the words, and the content in an organized fashion, your business becomes organized too.

Back To #SEO

When you work with an SEO professional and content professionals for that matter, make sure they have some broader knowledge of business.

As former investment professionals, we have been fortunate enough to see many business models.  The opportunity for an SEO professional to provide input on business is ongoing.

We promise.  Get your #SEO & learn what's important to your biz. Agree @semrush?

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SEO is the new Yellow Pages.  Like it or not, every year you are going to invest significant resources in understanding how to drive more people to your website.

Yes, the ideal SEO professional uses a strong set of tools to guide them in helping your organization create great content to attract search engines. Equally important though is an SEO professional will soon understand your business intimately and can provide influence.


We are proud to work with clients around the world. Not only does the team at Klusster Media love to work on SEO and content.  We love business.  Content marketing and SEO work actually should be fun as you can see the results of your work.

We are also the proud developer of the Klusster.com cooperative content distribution platform.

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