There are only 2 types of #digitalmedia properties

There are only 2 types of #digitalmedia properties

In fact, there are only two types of any style property. Properties you want to go back to and properties you don't!

Do People Want To Come Back?

The absolute, biggest, most important piece of advice we can give you when you decide to create a BLOG, A WEBSITE, an eMAGAZINE, A SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT, A BLOG POST or any media destination for that matter.....

Create enough content that people perceive as valuable so they want to come back to the destination.

It's VERY hard to do this.

In order to create something people value, it's going to take thought and it's going to take time and energy and it's going to take VALUE.

What Does Value Mean?

I often land on a piece of digital information/content that I want for later or want to follow up on.  If I don't have the time to absorb that value now, I might save it somewhere for later.

1.  I may bookmark a page.

2.  I may send the page to my email or text.

3.  I may follow a user on Twitter for future reference.

4.  In rare (Good) case, I reach out to the author immediately.

Here's the question though... Do I want to go back.

Almost every day, I engage with something that I find valuable. I  know I have come across something I value, for me or someone close to me, because I react to it in some small way.

But, Do I Want To Go Back?

Think about vacation destinations.  You spend significant money on a vacation resort and if you want to go back, you value it.

You might like the beach, the restaurants, and not like the pools, but you still want to go back. It's the entirety of the destination that brings you back.

Now Put On Your Readers' Shoes

The beauty of writing or media is the opportunity to convey that you, in fact, have value to your audience.  They may not want to pick up the phone immediately, but what you say, present, can have value and make an impression on someone.

The magic question though is do they value the destination enough to come back. If the don't, you might have to think this through.

Step #1 Can you create enough content to make people react?

Step #2 Do people want to come back to the destination again and again?

Do people want to subscribe to this channel or follow this author (Me)

It's extremely important to measure these two things.

1. For each view of a piece of content, how much reaction do you get?

2. For each media destination, you are building ask yourself how many people want to come back? Are your subscribers growing?

The truth of media is very ugly.  The vast majority of people are creating destinations that don't entice the audience to come back over and over. They are likely creating great content.

There is a simple reason for this.

come, back, to, media, destination

Media Property or Content

Multiple shows make up a network channel.  You may not like every show, but likely each show provides a piece of gravity to the network.

The same goes with online media properties.

In order for people to want to come back, you need lot's of valuable content, just like a network needs lots of shows.

Imagine your one piece of content is like one show in a network.  It's pretty good, but not strong enough to stand on it's own. Sometimes it is.

That's ok.  A beach at a resort is likely fun, but still not enough to keep people coming back. The beach doesn't take that personally.  A resort needs a critical mass of fun stuff to keep people coming back.

If your destination does not have a critical mass of content, it's highly likely that people might not want to come back. Don't take offense, they just arrived there, enjoyed their time but don't want to come back.

There are so many businesses, bloggers, writers in that same boat.

My advice: Instead of a single author media destination, form an alliance and building a network of content and a network of traffic.

How do you do that? CLICK HERE