The Plan Boost Build Program - Driven by @semrush & @klussterapp

The Plan Boost Build Program - Driven by @semrush & @klussterapp

The Plan Build Boost Program is an easy recurring content marketing and website build program that digital marketers can utilize to help their clients.

Plan - Build - Boost

The Boost Program is a recurring program digital marketers can utilize to help the local business gain greater success online.

In a nutshell, when you are building a website and content strategy for local business, we feel it's important to PLAN a client keyword foundation before you BUILD their website so you can effectively BOOST their traffic through an effective content marketing program.

One of the positive attributes of engaging a client in a complete Plan Build Boost is that you can bet they respect online marketing and they want to grow a tangible business.

Before You Start:  We are big believers in a balanced breakfast.  Historically, we feel 80% of the price of a website and content strategy build went into design and maybe 20% went into content.  In fact, maybe less.

Sadly, five years ago, many shells of websites were built with very little finality to content.  Hence, little traffic.

We feel now the reverse of the allocation above is required.  We think 80% of a client investment into the web should go into the structure and production of content.

The Plan Boost Build Program - Driven by @semrush & @klussterapp

The Easy To Manage Plan Boost Build

The Plan

The Plan program is a 10-30 hour exercise.

The Plan is basically utilizing the SEMRUSH tools to develop a keyword strategy for your clients. As a result of your plan you will be able to tell your clients, what the pages of their future website will be titled and what the future content might be titled to support those pages.

The Interview: For about 3-4 hours, we suggest you interview the client to determine what they do in their business.  Find out what products or services they offer, what skills they have and what problems they solve.

This exercise is very valuable as you start to shape what the clients business is all about.  In addition, you can determine what's important for them, where they have confidence and where they might want to grow and what keywords might make sense for their business.

The Research: For about 5-6 hours we research keywords using semrush, finding what competition is searched for, how often keywords are searched and what we think will fit the clients business. We recommend for every keyword you find, you make note of the searches available.

The Plan: Once this research is complete, we try to structure the foundation of the pages of the website.  Websites used to be 5 pagers, with our program, we usually find there are 15-50 things within most businesses that require their own page.  It does depend on the client. This process including confirmation from the client takes another 3-5 hours.

The Results:  The Plan usually results in a map of 20 website page titles (The Foundation) and 20-40 potential "blog" content titles (The Boost) that support this foundation.

How To Use Semrush In The Plan:

The most effective tool in developing the keyword foundation is to use semrush and see how competitors are getting found.  Simply plug in the domain of your competition in the dashboard and see what your competition is being found for.  If your client sits up in their chair, you will have identified a foundation content and subsequent BOOST content that you will need to create with the Klusster Platform.

Keywords are crucial. Organic search doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen without planning.

The Build

Now that the "heavy lifting" has been done, you should have a good vision of what your client web presence is going to look like.

Whatever tool you utilize to build the website, your ride should be smoother as you have taken the time to develop a content foundation for your client.

Our number one piece of advice when it comes to building websites is to NOT chase your clients down.  Take ownership of the content creation, website creation and minimize the reliance on client input.

Some clients require input, if this is the case, we highly suggest a Q & A style for their website.  Writing is not an easy task and it's less easy for some businesses with sensitive subject matter. But getting their voice has to be driven by you, the marketer.

The point here is that the client can be SO busy and SO overwhelmed running the day to day business, that the website falls by the wayside.  It takes a strong digital marketing professional to make sure the website goes from vision to completion. You can do it!

The Boost

When it comes to distributing content and boosting SEO and traffic results, no one platform should be relied upon.

With our clients, we boost traffic additional content on a clients blog, social media (Paid & Organic) and of course we utilize the Klusster Group Publication Platform for our clients.

The bottom line is this. In order to boost your website SEO results, you require content validation in multiple places online.

For most of our clients, we suggest creating at least one new piece of content per week. This allows for consistent reference to the website foundation content through either internal links (blog) or external links (Klusster Group Publication Platform)

Why Klusster? For our clients, we use Klusster to increase content distribution up to 20X through creation of an ORGANIZATIONAL PUBLICATION or participation in a GROUP Publication where MULTIPLE ORGANIZATIONS work together to drive traffic to each other.

The Combo Works

Below we show the success of the PLAN - BOOST - BUILD program.

Know Success is a function of:

  1. Consistent understanding of Keyword Performance using Semrush.
  2. Consistent content creation as a result of keyword research and distribution through Klusster
The Combo Delivers Results

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