Snap Together Great Content Again & Again!

Snap Together Great Content Again & Again!

Content must appeal to 1) Your Consumer and 2) Search Engines.

Serious about attracting customers?

If you are serious about attracting new customers, take the time to read this article. The 5-7 minutes you take to read this article will help you attract more people and convert more prospects.

GOOD CONTENT = Attractive to the consumer + Attractive to search engines.

1. Attractive to the consumer checklist

Step#1 - Start with an enticing title.

Let's face it, we have 1 chance with a Bold Title to attract the consumer.  Have some fun with enticing and engaging prospective consumers. Did you ever notice watching CNN, that they ALWAYS have "Breaking News" to make you feel like it's the most important thing you can be focused on. There is a reason this works.

Here are some great ideas for titles to get you thinking.

-7 tips to make you happier fast!

-The top 5 islands for retirement.

-11 ways to spoil yourself in 3 minutes or less.

-Our BEST 30 minute lunches as told by our CUSTOMERS

-You have GOT to try this! The Siracha Lime Chicken Sandwich.

-Create great content again and again!


An amazing site to help you create titles that matter.

Snap Together Great Content Again & Again!

Answering The Public Give Amazing Results

Step#2 - Give VALUE to your prospective consumer BEFORE they buy.

If you want someone to "shop" with you, understand that for a consumer to part with their money requires assurance of value.  The first time someone spends money with you is the hardest.

There are two ways to provide ASSURANCE OF VALUE BEFORE they shop.

1. You can give potential customers an insight to your knowledge about the topic they might be interested in.  This provides greater confidence to make a purchase.

2. You can give consumers an "incentive" to buy a product or service their risk of purchase is reduced.

Step #3 - Try to make QUICK, POSITIVE POINTS.

It often doesn't take a novel to get your points across. If you are offering a promotion, LESS is often more.

Also, when you do put your content together, DO NOT be negative toward others.  STAY POSITIVE.

Step#4 - Add Images or Quick Videos to break up flow.

This image helps summarize the keys to good content.

content, marketing, simple, followable, interesting

Content Marketing Venn Diagram - By Matt Carter as Used By Joe Escebedo

Step #5 - Ask them to communicate with you.

So often, businesses put together great content but forget with the ASK. People are reading your content because they want to.  DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask the reader to do business with you.

Here are sample asks..

1) Call to book an appointment today...

2) Contact us today to get started on a better you...

3) Contact to learn more...

4) Mention this article an save...

Conclusion: Take the time to think of the consumer when you create content.

2. Attractive to the search engine checklist

The following section provides users an understanding on what search engines are looking for to send people to you.

Step #1 - Take some time to research what you want to write.

In this case, our article is about ultimately creating a "good" piece of content.  But without some thought and research, it may be hard to get your content found.

In many cases, there are tools to help you understand how often certain terms are searched.  Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Wordstream. can help you determine how often a term is search.  For Example, the term, "Local SEO Services" is searched a few thousand times a month. Did you know that it costs around $23.00 to pay for that click in google search?

Another tool you might like is google trends.  You can see if a search term is fading or growing.  (See Image Below) It shows you that the search term CONTENT MARKETING is growing steady over the years. So it might be a good piece of content to write about.

In the end, you want your article to help answer someone's search.

So take some time to think about what you want to write and research it.

Step #2 - Show some passion - Our most valuable tip yet ;)

Our number one piece of advice to get found in search.

This may help you more than anything. If you write about what you love, that passion will show and increase the shares.  Every time your article is shared, it is like a vote or a validation that the search engines use to rate content.

Step #2.5 - Intersect Your Passion With Customer "Pain" Point

Where trust is developed is when you match your passion with the ability to solve someones problem.

  1. Maybe a customer has a sore back, and you can help alleviate that pain.
  2. Maybe someone is not motivated and wants to be but doesn't know how.
  3. Maybe someone wants to know how to get found better online?
passion, trust, knowledge

Good Content, Matches Passion with someone feeling heard

We will always believe that good content and passionate content will go furthest.

These guys below? They have have passion.

And it makes us want to eat what they are dishing out. When you create content, it's the same thing.

You want to 1) first get your message across and 2) second you worry about structuring the content for Search Engines.

get, found, in , search, show, passion, content

Show Passion for your content

Step #3 - Add Images and Label them.

In our case, we are going to add an image or screen capture of google trends, because it helps our reader see what messages we are trying to get across.

Below is a screen capture of google trends. This is a great tool to see whats trending.  But this image makes this content better, right?

content, marketing, search, quality, trends, google

How Content Marketing Has become more popular.

The reason we want to label images is because it helps define the content for clarity.

Step #4 - Make sure your tags match your content.

For this section, we need to show you another page. (See video Below)

Tags or keywords are kind of like a commitment to your content.  It's hard to write a piece of content and get found for two separate things.  For example, is your content about 1) Writing Good Content For Search or 2) Writing To Sell? They are two different messages.

Your keywords will help you commit one way or another.

Step#5 - Get influencers to share your content.

It doesn't matter if it is local or subject specific, but if you want your content to get found in any domain, it truly helps to get people in that domain with CLOUT our AUTHORITY to send it to relevant users of the content.

Step #6 - Add links to verify and strengthen your content

Since we are writing here about creating good content, it might make sense for us to give our readers other opinions on creating good content. Below are two links to show that this article has some foundation over and above the author.

Step #7 - Are you local? Enter A Location Tag

So... we absolutely love google.  The reason is very simple. We believe that Google is using all the power they can to bring the searcher to the right content. What this means is if there is someone in your town searching for what you do, Google would prefer to send this person to YOU vs. another piece of content a thousand miles away.

Step #8 - Use the odd bold and header formats.

We are now

Step#8 - Use a tool to make sure you are SEO friendly.

Tools that test your content to show they are SEO friendly are just common sense checklists.  The Klusster SEO rating tool, at the top of this page, shows you each time you save your content an improvement or reduction in SEO. We have caught the common sense pieces for improved search. We particularly like our TAG count piece where we show you you are totally going crazy with your keywords in your content.

seo, rating, tools, yoast, word, count,

Klusster Seo Rating Tool can ensure good content.

Conclusion: Google and other search engines require your content to have focus and substance.

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