How to write good content for strong SEO??

How to write good content for strong SEO??

It is simple. Strong SEO content must be written clearly and completely to appeal to your both your consumers and search engines. Below are 19 tips to help.

At Klusster, we are serious about good blog posts!

If you are serious about attracting new customers, take the time to read this article to create better content.

Why Blog In The First Place?

A blog is a great way to market your products and services and for you to brand yourself. A blog is a good way to build a presence on the web and keep your site front and center and can be a great way to promote your products and services while also building a customer base and reputation.

You also can leverage your blog to help you with your online marketing efforts by improving search engine traffic to your site.

So what is the magic formula to a good blog post or good content?

GOOD CONTENT = Attractive To The consumer + Attractive To Search Engines.


A1. Do Keyword Research

There are so many tools that can help you determine what people are searching for so you know what to blog about.  Here are 3 sites that can help you right away.

1. - Answer the public is a cool free sight that allows you to see questions people are asking on a certain topic.

2. Google Trends - Google trends lets you see an indexed volume of a search term. Type in the word "content marketing" and choose 2004 to present to see how the trend of that search term is. So it might be a good piece of content to write about.

google, trends, blog, ideas

Use Google Trends To Create Good Blog Ideas

3. Semrush - There are some incredible professional tools that help you find what people are looking for. Semrush is very powerful, not only can you learn what terms are searched, you can find out how competitive they are to get the top spot. LEARN MORE HERE

1. A Good Simple Title

Creating a good title can make or break a post.  Although many people come up with REALLY creative titles.  We support titles that directly answer the question people are searching.  So...If you want to get found for "How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3 Car Garage?" then that's exactly what your title should be.

HINT: How can I find a good title? ANSWER:

2. Organize your content. (Write in bullet points)

When we think of organizing content, start with a simple thought.  By just reading the titles or HEADINGS of your post, your reader should be able to scan what your article is about.  Underneath each title or heading, you can describe in detail why that "point" is important.

SIDE HINT:  Writing big long paragraphs can be tough to consume.

3. Link to relevant content.

Sometimes your own post can be augmented or helped by linking your consumer to a supporting article written by you or someone else.  Linking to other content your reader will usually remember you.  Not to mention linking to quality posts will strengthen your own post.

4. Add Images or video.

As the old say goes, pictures are worth a 1000 words.  Video can help people remember things too.

What is good blog content?

great blog content for SEO

5. The Length is just right

We have a theory.  What makes a good blog post?  We argue that a good blog post is one that gets consumed 100%.  So ask yourself...What is better a 1000 word blog post that people read 250 words or a 700-word post that people read 700 words?  Of course, that's not a simple answer, but the ideal blog post is one that provides great information and people consume the entire piece.

6. Give Value

In the case of "How much does it cost to build a 3 car garage?" you might provide the user FREE ideas of things that could be included in a 3 car garage.  Sure that may cost more, but if you give the reader ideas, they just might pick up the phone to call you.

7. Give the reader an easy call-to-action

No blog post is useful without an easy transition from blog post to action. Whatever it is you need to end your post with a simple connection to a potential action.  It could be a phone call, it could be a form, it could be to go to the next post, but regardless you must find a simple way for the reader to take the next step.

a) Want to talk about your 3 car garage?

b) Call us and let's plan your new garage!

c) Download our FREE checklist when building a 3 car garage

8. Provide ASSURANCE OF VALUE BEFORE they shop.

  1. You can give potential customers an insight to your knowledge about the topic they might be interested in.  This provides greater confidence to make a purchase. You can give consumers an "incentive" to buy a product or service their risk of purchase is reduced.
  2. You can give consumers an "incentive" to buy a product or service their risk of purchase is reduced.


Take the time to think of the consumer when you create content.


Once you create great content, it's important to get the technical aspect of SEO down.  At Klusster, we take care of that for you.  Many of our users that adhere are number one in Google.

Clean On Page SEO

There are a few things you need to get right with on page SEO.

1. The Page Title - The page title or blog post must provide Google a simple understanding and NO GUESSING about what the content is about.  So if your content is about the "Cost of Building a 3-Car Garage" DO NOT write about the steps to building a 3-Car Garage.

2. The Meta Description - When you search in Google, you will often see a description below the Title in search.  This is the META description.  In all blogging applications, you have one chance to create a clean 155-160 character description of what the content in your post is all about.

good, blog, post, seo

A good meta description

3. A single H1 - The H1 on any web page should again make it very clear what your page is about.  There can only be one H1 per page. In the case of the 3 Car H1 could be "Find out the approximate cost of building your dream 3 car garage"

HINT: Posts or pages that have multiple H1 headings can confuse Google.

4. The Other Headings - Depending on your application. Headings can be very useful in breaking up your content.  For example you might break your "cost of a 3-car garage piece" into sections with headings (H2) The Cost Of The Foundations, The Cost Of A Loft In a Garage, The Cost of different Floor Types.

No one piece of content should be just one MASSIVE 2000 word paragraph.  Breaking up your content into Headings and sub headings will provide your reader with incredible confidence in you and increase the chances of engagement.

5. Your Website Speed - Whether you use WordPress, Squarespace or another platform to host content, it has to be clean and fast.

Desktop AND Mobile Speed - Many businesses focus on their desktop site and fail to focus on their mobile pages.  Remember phones are not as powerful as desktops and laptops and it is important to thin up the pages that are offered on Mobile to the essential content.

6. Make sure your tags match your content - Tags or keywords that you associate with your content is that "final commitment" .  From title to tags, make sure you have consistent content.  These days tags are less needed as Google can gather most of what they need from your content.

7. Use a tool to make sure you are SEO friendly. - Tools that test your content to show they are SEO friendly are just common sense checklists. The Klusster SEO rating tool, at the top of this page, shows you each time you save your content an improvement or reduction in SEO. We have caught the common sense pieces for improved search. We particularly like our TAG count piece where we show you you are totally going crazy with your keywords in your content.


1. Write about what you love.

This may help you more than anything. If you write about what you love, that passion will show and increase the shares.  Every time your article is shared, it is like a vote or a validation that the search engines use to rate content.

2. Intersect Your Passion With Customer "Pain" Point

Where trust is developed is when you match your passion with the ability to solve someones problem.

  1. Maybe a customer has a sore back, and you can help alleviate that pain.
  2. Maybe someone is not motivated and wants to be but doesn't know how.
  3. Maybe someone wants to know how to get found better online?

When a customers "pain" intersects with your passion from your blog post, surely you will develop trust and maybe even a new customer.

passion, trust, knowledge

Good Content, Matches Passion with someone feeling heard

3. Have Fun

In the end, if creating content or a blog post is painful for you, it's likely going to be painful to read.

4. Get influencers to share your content.

It doesn't matter if it is local or subject specific, but if you want your content to get found in any domain, it truly helps to get people in that domain with CLOUT our AUTHORITY to send it to relevant users of the content.

Congratulations! You are on your way to better blog posts for SEO.

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