Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

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Developing an Industry Collective

Developing an industry collective for women founders in the beauty industry is the inspiration of Carol Christopher, CEO of Ellis Day Skin Science. It was founded on the belief that although members of the collective are competitors in the beauty industry,the collective would create a space for mutual education, mentoring and awareness-building. Over 300 founders have joined this industry collective and what a great idea it has proven to be. Could you form a collective in your industry?

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SMART Goal Planning for Your Business

Business consultant, Anna Yu, gives great strategic advice as to why you should be using SMART goals for your 2022 business planning.  Getting organized and planning is so necessary for small business. The importance of turning goals into SMART goals is the key to success.  If you haven't used SMART planning before, now is the time to start, it's not too late!

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5 Ways to Use Speaking to Book Clients

Our podcast guest, Moira Ni Ghallachoir talks about 5 ways to use speaking to enroll great clients. She outlines her step by step plan that she used when starting out on the speaking circuit. It’s not at all complicated and Moira says any coach, consultant and service provider can follow her blueprint to have similar success. Her journey from speaking at local events to being on the same stage as Les Brown was a step by step process increased her income significantly.

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How to Get in Shape No Matter How Busy You Are!

Entrepreneurs are very busy people, how to get in shape and stay in shape isn’t as hard as it seems.  Our weight loss specialist, Stavros Mastrogiannis talks about his easy and simple plan to sustain weight loss.  If you follow his steps you will be amazed at the results.

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Google Ads versus Social Media Ads

There is a difference between google ads versus social media ads and our podcast guest expert, Samantha Gernhart explains the purpose of each type of ad. Google ads are for the search journey and social media ads are more for behaviour and intent to purchase. Knowing the difference between Google Ads versus Social Media Ads can help you spend your advertising dollars, wisely.

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