Become A Content Marketing Machine

Become A Content Marketing Machine

All the cool kids are doing it!

Are you hearing that?

There are new rumblings, if you can hear them, and that's the sound of a new machine (maybe not that new) that is working for business.

It's called the Content Marketing Machine

What's it all about?

Well it's when a business makes the connection that people are searching ONLINE (Insert Google Here) for topics related to their respective business and that said business now wakes up, slaps themselves silly and realizes that they really screwed up by having stale content on their website for the last 15 years.

Why are they so upset?  Because content works in your sleep!  If they/you had of  10-15 years ago written 1 piece of content every two weeks, it's entirely likely that YOU would have become and expert in your topic and people would have been calling you to pay you money to solve their issues (back pain, plumbing, fitness and more)

It's also the time when businesses have opened their mind and realize the reason no one is finding them online is because they made very little effort in developing strong messages to send to consumers on their website.  Company Name, About Us and Products and Services.  La De Da Da..

You know, we didn't learn how to write in school for nothing.

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Content Marketing Machine from yesterday. A pen

Businesses are now scrambling...

Because the 22 year old plumber, that understands how google works has been writing for years and completely dominates the LOCAL SEARCH market.  So the 56 year old plumber that used to rely on the Yellow Pages and teeny tiny classified ads in newspapers is up the creek without a paddle.

Well, not quite.  Because quality of work does matter. Word of Mouth Does Matter. But what are these businesses doing when they realize that people are not finding them?  Sadly, many people double down on VERY INEFFICIENT marketing tactics.

The successful adapters are becoming...


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Content Marketing Is Different than a type writer

To become a content marketing machine...

You need a few simple ingredients:

1) You need to love what you do - CHECK!

2) You need to be able to convey you are good at what you do - CHECK!

3) You believe that consumers should be educated before they make buying decisions. - CHECK!

In short, you need to be able to passionately write about what you do well enough to uncover a pain point of your reader or viewer in the case of video.


Are you ready?

Learn how Klusster can help you get found online.

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