Adding Google My Business To An SEO Strategy

Adding Google My Business To An SEO Strategy

Google has it's heart in the right place. They want to send their customers to the best possible business. They developed Google My Business for a reason.

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is an action.  "Hey Joe, Find me on Google"  Of course when you look for a business on Google, you also are exposed to a bunch of other options (ADS) but still, the intent is that you can learn a bit about a business on Google, enough to move on to the website.

How does it work?

Google wants you to upload information that consumers value and this can provide Google with signals as to "how valuable" you are perceived by the community.  If someone goes to your Google My Business page and leaves quickly, they must not completely value you.  Maybe they got the information they wanted right away, but you get the idea, the longer a business stays on your Google My Business page, the better. This is a signal to Google in search.

What Can Google My Business Do For You?

When we think about this service versus the Yellow Pages years ago, Google My Business has incredible depth.  What we always reference as the competitive advantage years ago, AAA Plumbing has now been replaced with the ability to really help people gain confidence in you.

Google My Business Has Lot's Of Utility

When it comes to SEO services, we like to think it's not rocket science.  Google My Business is just one tool in the tool box to drive more traffic to the website.  It's very valuable because you can quickly provide value to potential customers without writing oodles and oodles of words.  You can create an offer, create a post, create an event, all within 5 - 10 mins.  This little effort goes a long way to making sure you are getting the best out of Google and getting the best organic search possible.

Integrating Google My Business Into Your Everyday Life

Well, it may not be every single day, but if you or your SEO team make an effort each month, you will begin to see improved traffic.  Consistency is the key.  When it comes to putting content online, be it monthly or weekly, you  just want to do it consistently.

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