Want more search traffic from YouTube?

Want more search traffic from YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, and it gets the best quality search traffic on the web.

YouTube is the world’s third most powerful traffic source, and if you’re not utilizing it, there’s a big gap in your marketing which is costing you your leadership.

But I doubt that in today’s time you are not utilizing it. Still there is a little gap in what results you desire and the final outcome.

Stop following the same old techniques to get traffic like paid ads or expensive traffic generating software or hiring an SEO expert that will charge you huge amounts.

Why? Because a powerful software that marketers have been using just got released with new updates.

It’s TuberankJeet 4, a part of Tuberank Jeet franchise which have been driving marketers crazy everytime it is launched. And the updated version just went live.

It's the latest version of the world’s most proven and field tested YouTube

traffic software. It gets you the perfect keywords, tags, titles and descriptions for your videos, helping you appear right at the top of YouTube search results and on the sidebars of popular YouTube videos, getting you a ton of traffic.

What’s new with this version of the software?

  • Support for Hashtags. Only software that gets video hashtags
  • Improved workflow cuts down optimization time even further
  • Inbuilt Pastebox lets you quickly play with and modify your content
  • Video optimization algo updated for new YouTube
  • Save your frequently used tags, hashtags, channels and videos
  • Quickly find ranking opportunities by live searching competitor content
  • Easy access Optimization bar for improved productivity
  • Collects tags and hashtags from even more sources
  • 100% fresh and redesigned interface makes things even simpler

With TuberankJeet 4, no more -

  • Paying thousands for expert help (and waiting weeks for results).
  • Juggling dozens of complicated and expensive tools.
  • Burying your head in books trying to figure it all out.
  • Watching your traffic, sales and future prospects dry up.

Remember, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, and it gets the best quality search traffic on the web.

TuberankJeet 4 is designed so simple that even a complete newbie can master using it, just like the earlier versions.