Time to sew the education system back together

Time to sew the education system back together

Both my kids have taken extended leaves from public school, have been well supported by alternative education, and then returned to the public system...

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I understand, to some degree, why public schools and alternative schools (including homeschooling, and unschooling) point fingers at each other and fight. But, they really don't have to! I strongly believe in the alternative approach to schooling, but I more strongly believe in: "giving our children the right to choose".

I think I understand why "giving my children the right to drive their own life" makes others very uncomfortable. It offers proof that what they say is "impossible", is actually quite possible. And, even though what I do for my kids is possible, it is still OK for others to choose a different route for their unique family. What I am doing simply shows an alternative path that people can take, leave, build upon, or abandon. It makes no difference to me.

NO ONE is trying to see who loves their kid more! We all have to consider what works for each of us and our family, what values we have, and do our best to put our kids first (in their OWN life) and take good care of ourselves, even before looking at the needs of our kids.

I wanted to share in this article how well Mother Earth's Learning Village did to support our 4yr old to make the decision to return to public school. And the grace with which Stephanie Kozak (founder, owner, and lead teacher of Mother Earth's Learning Village) quietly celebrated our daughter's choice and accomplishment to return to public school. Maybe for a moment she may have thought "I'm going to miss her", but we are all supporting our kids to do what they feel is best for themselves, public school or otherwise, their win is our victory (not that we grab it from them, but we support it, with them). This is true grace!

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Stephanie Kozak

Our public school didn't do a "bad" job, but they didn't do much either, because they can't! They were on strike, they had too many students in the class to worry about, they had to follow the rules, they do what they can with what they have, and then the family and the alternative schools have to catch everything else!

The alternative system is the yin (divine feminine, receptive, soft place to land and heal) and the public school system is the yang (divine masculine, push, go go go, the sun, as opposed to the moon). We need BOTH!

We need the different phases of the moon. We need the eager new moon, and the realized full moon. We need the first quarter moon, which has trouble letting go of "the way we usually do things", and the last quarter moon, which after "enlightenment" has to tear down what did not work to prepare for the next re-build/cycle. We need the gibbous moon (gunning for enlightenment), and the balsamic moon that holds regrets for what they believe was done wrong. We need the disseminating moon to spread word of what was learned at the point of enlightenment. Go here for more on: REAL vs POPULAR Astrology

This photo is actually very curious:

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Yin/Yang Tree


I work with and study a couple modalities that are built off of some of the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine: RestoreChi and Esogetic (Information) Medicine. And what I have learned is: the dark always contains some light, and the light always contains some dark.

The alternative/feminine is always seen as dark, but it is in the dark that the foundation for the tree/roots grow. We need a strong foundation for our kids if they are to flourish in the yang world. And, don't let dark and light, good and evil fool you! There is no good or evil, we are all and both.

So, without the option of alternative support, families are left to cripple on themselves when kids refuse to go to school, or they simply force their kids to suck it up and conform, which leaves their kids weak and vulnerable to so so so many things.

No one is wrong, but lets stop making it out to be that presenting an alternative for families in need is the enemy.

I love that public school exists, and that my kids have a place to go, should they want or need to. AND, I love that alternative schools exist for when they will not or can not go to public school, so that it doesn't all fall on me.

This is why I have created these offerings:

- IRL Retreat, and

- Resource Roundtable.

Show me what is impossible, and I will show you what is very possible!

Of course, everyone has their self-imposed limits, which I fully respect. And it does not matter what side of the system you sit on! As long as you are happy with what you can and can not do from where you sit. And, as long as you are willing to put up with the consequences of your choice; be it a compromise in income, your health, or your freedom to make decisions that are in alignment with your true self. You always have a lot more options than you think!

Whether you are an adult who can no longer face their place of work, or you have a child who can no longer face the public school system, we have solutions for you. All you have to do is ask! See: Transmuting the school system, to support everyone! and Transmuting the school system, to support everyone! (pt2)

With deep gratitude to all (parents, kids, teachers, the public, and the alternative system) ... Love and Bless, Strong Family, Strong Light, Strong Community!

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