The next time somebody “gets your goat” try this...

The next time somebody “gets your goat” try this...

In times like these, we really cannot afford to be taking things out on each other. In times like these, we really need to be able to go inside and clean house!

Cover Photo by Max Stromfeld on Unsplash

No one has time to waste.

Engage in the battle, in times like these, and you will be in for a battle! Anyone could be your worst nightmare or frustration, staring you right in the face.

So, what to do?

Well, Radical Forgiveness Coach and Breathwork Practitioner Marina George has a wonderful offering. She has proven her ability, time and time again, to hold a strong and safe space for transformation.

Over a series of 2-6 sessions, depending on group availability and preference, Marina George can take a group of up to 6 women through the Radical Forgiveness process.

Upon completion of this series, you will also have all the tools and awareness you need to apply this process to many other situations.

Whether you are dealing with a recent frustration or one that has been going on, or building, since childhood, Marina can support you to see why you might have attracted this experience, and how you can transform it, to bring more awareness to how you really need to show yourself more love, and stop blaming others for the lack of love they show you, only to wake you up, so you can see where you have been selling yourself short.

Marina pairs Radical Forgiveness with Breathwork and Ho’Oponopono to embed the memory of letting go of resentment and opening your heart to self-love even deeper, into each cell of your body.

Reach out to Marina to see how her services may be able to support you, in a group setting, or one on one. You will be surprised how much each of us is actually fighting the exact same battle, in different, and yet not so different, form.

Marina has an online group starting soon:

Radical Forgiveness Sacred Women's Circle - Four Week Series

Online 2-4pm (eastern time), Sun Sept 12, 20, 27, and Oct 4th, 2020

Or grab this amazing, life changing, opportunity:

Forgiveness Breathwork Healing Session

Sunday, Aug 23rd 2020, 11am-1pm

Holistic Life Solutions, Oakville

Love and Bless,

We are ALL here for each other (whether we know it or not)!

Alahnnaa Campbell