Something to focus on in your December 21st 2020 meditation (before and beyond)

Something to focus on in your December 21st 2020 meditation (before and beyond)

People are calling for mass meditation on December 21st 2020, but do you know why or what to focus on?

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Every 20 years (1980 in Libra, 2000 in Taurus, and Dec 21st, 2020 in Aquarius), Jupiter and Saturn sit together side by side in the sky.

This is the start of a new cycle and an opportunity to re-negotiate a new way of working together.

If we add Neptune to this situation, historically, we can see where we have been (and may) be blind at each of these dates.

Astrological Signs for the placement of Neptune by date:

Libra Aug 1943 – Aug 1957

Scorpio Aug 1957 – Nov 1970

Sagittarius Nov 1970 – Nov 1984

Capricorn Nov 1984 – Nov 1998

Aquarius Nov 1998 – Feb 2012

Pisces Feb 2012 – Jan 2026

Aries Jan 2026

From Nov 1984 to Nov 1998, Neptune was in the sign of Capricorn (and we may have been blind to how we were conducting business).

George Orwell, who wrote the book “1984”, was born with Neptune conjunct the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Cancer (the family), opposing Uranus in Sagittarius (ideals and widespread travel). In “1984” (the title of the book) Neptune moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn (and some may consider this shift “enlightenment”, because on Dec 21st the sun shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the day with the greatest darkness to finally start gaining more light). “1984” was released in 1949, with Neptune in the sign of Libra (one-on-one relationships).

What does this all mean?

In 1980 (with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra), we were probably trying to negotiate for more equality between men and women, but our blind spot may have been when we thought both parents could go out into the workforce, and be equal there, while leaving their children at home to be cared for by others (Neptune in Capricorn, blinding the impact of the way we do business).

Men and women should have equal rights, but when you are blind to some of the factors, as we always are, we are apt to leave something important out.

I was raised in the 1980s, by a single mom who went to work because she had to, but also because she felt it was boring to be at home with me and my sister. As a result, I spent my entire childhood (and early adulthood) asking myself: “why did my mom have me, if she didn’t want to be with me?”

In an interview with Regina Meredith on Gaia TV, they shared that what George Orwell wrote in “1984” was absolutely the plan for humanity, and writing about it (with permission, because we often discard things in novels as conspiracy theories) may have haunted George to his death, as, rumor has it, he died a sick man. Illness comes from holding onto too much inner conflict.

I recently got some education on what communism is: all of us being equal, no one striking it rich, everyone being taken care of. Sounds pretty good to me. So long as we are able to retain choice, of what to do, what gifts we offer, and when.

Having one or both parent(s) home is supportive for letting children venture out, only when they are ready, to find their gifts and teachers.

Even though the Saturn cycle (with important markers at 7, 14, 21, and 28yrs, roughly), is about being able to widen our social circle, and who we see as our teachers, I think we still need to let our children be selective of who they decide to let in and when.

In 2000, with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus (what we value in a sensual way), and Neptune in Aquarius (blinding us to who our social circle really is), I entered the work force. I was very good at whatever work I did, but being in the workforce made me so sick, because I didn’t care about money and all the things everyone else seemed to be chasing after, in fact, when given the choice to fly first class or line up with everyone else, I often stayed out of the lounge, as I don’t think it is fair to make these class distinctions.

In 2012 Neptune entered Pisces, and I was finally able to clear myself of major depression, with the birth of my first child.

Interestingly, Neptune corresponds to the number 13 in Soul Contract, my Soul Destiny, unconditional love, wisdom, sharing what she has, the divine feminine, and motherhood.

What was I blind to, with Neptune in Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, before starting over with Aries? Perhaps, like the (final) balsamic moon phase, I didn’t know all the things that would be ending, like my time in corporate, and my entry into the spiritual world, to try save the children (as a collective), from the mistakes of our past.

Now, on Dec 21st 2020, the sun passes the threshold of possible “enlightenment” (from Sagittarius to Capricorn, where the blindness to how we conduct business began), on the same day that Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sign of Aquarius (our social circle, our soul family, how we interact with people we don’t know very well), and Neptune is still blinding us in Pisces, most of us may not be able to see what is ending.

As I speak to in the article "We need to talk... the bell tolls for thee", we are ending the Earth era. We are ending the obsession with material possessions and entering the era of Air (painful compartmentalization in its shadow form, and who knows what in its positive form, as it is rare for me to meet an Air sign that doesn’t make me feel pain, and that may be due to my own natal chart, and its pain points).

We are so divided in this time, and people are calling for mass meditation, intention, and focus, but focus on what?

Can any of the above support you, to guide your focus to something we can actually manifest?

Jupiter expands everything and can put a lot at the feet of Saturn, but Saturn is the one who decides what can stand the test of time.

There is a lot of energy, that we do not understand at the conjunctions. Because we lack the perspective of the squares (when we fight in an unbalanced way) and opposition (when we can see each other face to face, agree or not, at least it’s a more fair and enlightened conversation).

An old coach of mine said “you don’t know someone until you find them, and you don’t find them until the going gets tough!”

Can we focus on how we can use what we have, to connect like-minded people, to allow families to work together, staying local, supporting their kids and each other, in a way that allows everyone to get what they want and need? With caressing, warm, air communication, instead of the cold winds of poor air communication?

I see many parents on the playgrounds, some never touching their phone, which is great, and others glued to it, desperately not wanting to be where they are, looking for a lifeline somewhere else, that can distract them or empathize with their plight. People are suffering.

It is not fair for one parent to bare the burden of caring for the children, yet it is also not fair to assume the system should bare the burden, so both parents can be free. Kids are not meant to be a burden, they are our teachers. And the way the system is raising our kids (masks and all) is pretty poor and patronizing, for many reasons (mostly because kids belong with their parents), and we all deserve better than this!

Technology can cause us to disengage with the people who are right in front of us, but it can also keep us connected, home, collaborating, and offering services to a wider audience, with no borders, no limitations, no gas, flight, hotel, or food bills, at a much lower cost of doing business, and much more time to support the family (and raise the children).

Not all ideas can land in reality, but prior to meeting in Aquarius on Dec 21st 2020, both Jupiter (ideas) and Saturn (what will stand the test of time) met with Pluto (ultimate truth), in 2020. Remember that we may all be blind to what is ending here (with Neptune in Pisces)

Can we go back to the drawing board and say: “we were wrong, for generations, we were wrong, the kids need us home, we need to make education about choice, we can serve each other, but we need to be mindful of our limits, needs, and priorities”.

Time to wipe the Neptune from our eyes, if we can, or open our hearts and minds to know that none of us can see everything clearly at any time. Neptune is always blinding us somewhere.

All we can do is our best, focusing on what we want and what we think might be ideal for all, Because, come January 2026, when Neptune moves into Aries, and as I have mentioned many times, 2027 holds a huge prophecy for possible disaster.

I’d hate to go into that with the force of a blind ram (Aries, me me me).

How about you?

After a night of resolving some past trauma, I realized, option 2 is here: Neptune is in Pisces - Run the grids

And how we got there is here (embedded in option 2 above): Your children need you to see them for who they really are! (which is also about to receive an update, as I now know more). Love to all! <3