Our men need support - We need to normalize this!

Our men need support - We need to normalize this!

We all have a butt, we all have a butt hole, when we are in pain there should be no shame or stigma to seek effective treatment!

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As some of you know, my (unexpected) 3rd pregnancy has been very challenging for my family, as I have been very sick and we have not had much outside help, so my husband has had to pick up the slack.

He is amazing!

However, one day this winter he was running out to the car to get something for our kids and he slipped on the ice and landed on his tailbone. He ignored it for several months. Especially since his regular chiropractor said: "There is nothing you can do for a bruised/sprained/fractured tailbone".

However, about a month ago, he said he was going to go to our family doctor for help because it wasn't getting any better. Not surprisingly, he got the same response: "There is nothing you can do for a bruised/sprained/fractured tailbone".

I say "not surprisingly", as my experience with back pain and family doctors is: all they seem to know how to do is prescribe pain killers, they don't even try to assess or fix the problem...

Thankfully, I have been seeing many practitioners for my own symptoms. In particular Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co (mentioned in this article: Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion) and Internal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Brittany Pereira (mentioned in these articles: Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!! and What if the seat of ancient wisdom was actually in your root chakra?).

So, I asked Dr Jennifer if there was anything they could do for my husband, and she said "Well, did they even take an x-ray?". I said no, and that was the beginning of actually trying to get to the root of how to fix this problem.

Turns out my husband has a slightly dislocated tailbone and he is now happily seeing Dr Jason (also at Foundation Chiropractic Co), who did send him for an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis, among other things.

However, what would also benefit him would be to see an Internal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist like Brittany Pereira.

As I am pregnant, I have also had pain in my tailbone and Brittany has been able to grab hold of my tailbone and stretch it out to relieve the tension and pain. However, to do this, she does have to go into the anus, which is an embarrassing procedure for many, but IT SHOULDN'T BE!!!

We all have a butt, we all have an anus! The tailbone is one of the few bones in your torso that someone can actually grab a hold of and help without any kind of surgical procedure! In fact, the front of the tailbone is often what contributes to the long-term discomfort/pain from tailbone injuries and it is impossible to relieve this discomfort/pain without an internal exam!

When I look up Dislocated Bone in Messages from the Body, I get that it is related to a deep sense of out-of-jointedness with their inner and outer world, having lost their place, direction, balance, or sense of purpose. It often reflects major internal/external life long change.

And, from Your body's telling you: Love yourself!, Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain is about lacking confidence that the Universe is able to support your fundamental needs, feeling guilty or judging oneself harshly for being dependent on others or for sitting around while others are busy, and thinking you need permission from others in order to have some fun. "Denial of one's dependence (or needs) will only increase it".

Now, I am not going to reflect on how my husband may feel in this article, but, when you are bringing in a new (unexpected) family member, and someone you rely on in your family has been sick for a long time (myself), this does add a lot of pressure and it does deserve support.

We as a society need to be more supportive and less judgmental!

A major wing of my business is called Support Their Light. Usually I am referring to kids and moms, but dads need support too, more than ever!

So, stop stigma! All stigma!

Support the Light in our Men! Make it normal for them to seek whatever support they need to get well, so we can have full, complete, and healthy families!

Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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