Mom and Baby birth recovery using RestoreChi

Mom and Baby birth recovery using RestoreChi

They say the advancement in technology is so bad for our health, well, RestoreChi may be an exception to the rule...

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I am still trying to get a handle on this unique modality, and I definitely do not know how to use all the tracks yet, but I am learning, and the practitioner support is amazing.

If you are wondering what RestoreChi is and how it works, basically the creator Master Yan has found a way to layer multiple energetic healing techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine into digital sound waves, that we do not hear with our ears, but we hear with our body, and (when used correctly) this can have a huge impact on our health and function.

When I was pregnant with my second child, my Acupuncturist let it slip that I had a "weak constitution". Every time I would go for appointments with him, I would try to get more information from him about what this means. He even lent me a textbook on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and marked the sections that I should read, but I still did not grasp the concept completely.

During my third pregnancy it became obvious that my body was releasing toxins, and I had the opportunity to take training in RestoreChi.

The information I learned from the RestoreChi training gave me some more clues about my "weak constitution".

My Acupuncturist said "my system was sluggish". After the RestoreChi training, and the detoxing my body was clearly going through in my third pregnancy (which often presented as sinus, nose, chest, and ear congestion, and an overall yucky feeling, especially after eating), it was clear that I had the following issues:

- phlegm that needed to be released (in general and from my spleen)

- dirty blood (causing skin tags, and the need for a thorough liver detox)

- a build up of negative energy (unprocessed anger and resentment, which was causing early rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in my wrists and hands, varicose veins, sciatic nerve pain), and

- some kind of imbalance between my organs and/or a request for spiritual growth (causing acid reflux and headaches. Although these issues may be more related to diet, and eating foods that are actually feeding unhealthy viruses and bacteria in my body. I look forward to continuing to work with Rosemarie Sciara from Nourished Wellness Coaching, to resolve this issue).

From a Soul Contract and Messages from the Body (part of Divine Healing) perspective, I know that what I need to release (mentioned above) is part of the baggage that I carry from the experiences that I needed to have in order to become the person that I am today. So that I can be of service to others, with my experience and gifts.

And this is why I have launched the new wing to my business, to support clients (and myself) to drop the toll these challenging experiences can have on our bodies, so we can finally play. Which is what we came here to do!

See: From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play.

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From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play

During my pregnancy, I ran the following RestoreChi tracks:

- Phlegmatic

- Spleen Dampness (phlegmatic)

- Varicose Veins

- Arthritis

- Sciatic Nerve

- Liver Detox

- Kidney Function Enhance (because the kidneys are the starting point to get water flowing through the body)

- Release Chill (I only ran this once, and briefly. You have to be careful with Releasing Fire and Chill, as this is a delicate balance, and you should never run this track with people who may not need this type of treatment in the room, as we don't want to rob others of things they need. This should only be done as needed, with caution and under professional advice), and

- Stomach Spleen Fire Indigestion Heartburn, and Headaches (with little relief from the RestoreChi tracks for these symptoms, because, as I mentioned above, I think the solution to these issues for me may lie with another modality)

The biggest relief I found was with releasing congestion in my body, increasing the number of daily bowel movements (as we are supposed to detox down through our poo, not up through our lungs, nose, sinuses, and ears with congestion). The Chill release was also very effective.

*Actually, come to think of it, my newborn has more frequent bowel movements than either of my previous two kids did, and she is present a lot of the time when I am running RestoreChi tracks for myself.

Infrequent bowel movements is a common concern for many parents of young kids.

Some families use very extreme methods to try to correct this, and this can be quite hard on the child, their body, and the family. Perhaps RestoreChi is a better solution? Pooing is just natural detoxing, after all. In fact, I think my whole family has more regular bowel movements the day after I play tracks at night in our shared bedroom!

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High Five!

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This will be an ongoing process for me: clearing phlegm, liver detox, varicose veins, and arthritis, but I know that its worth it, and I have already seen positive results. Who wants to continue to carry anger, resentment, and negative energy, that reeks havoc on the body, if they don't have to?

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Mom and Baby recovery from birth, using RestoreChi

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

As for recovery from pregnancy and birth for my daughter and I... I had a lot of bleeding and clots right after my daughter was born (common when babies are born fast). They were literally scooping handfuls of blood and clots out of me, and they pushed a lot of medication to try to prevent infection and to stop the bleeding. My bleeding since giving birth has tapered off and restarted many times (often when I do too much in a day).

I have been using the following RestoreChi tracks to manage my postpartum healing:

- Belt Meridian

- Fire/Water Balance, and

- Full Healing

I also ran the:

- Hyperplasia of the breast track help relieve pressure from plugged milk ducts, which is also very common in moms a few days postpartum.

The best part, for me, has been using RestoreChi to support my newborn!

My daughter was born via hormonal induction, which can cause inflammation of the newborn's genitals, and even a mini menstrual cycle. I believe using the tracks above for my own healing (especially the Belt Meridian) also supported her to recover from this process, with more grace and ease. And I am so grateful!

In addition, all of my kids were born with a blocked tear duct. This is very common. However, when my first child had it, we were recommended two rounds of antibiotics, which were a pain to administer and never cleared the problem! When my second child got it, she ended up getting a cold in her first month of life and her tear duct got so blocked and inflamed that we went to the hospital (emergency) for support.

With my third child, as soon as her blocked tear duct appeared (4 days postpartum), I played the Phlegmatic track for 2 rounds (20 minutes) and it cleared up right away.

The blocked duct re-appeared a few days later, and again I played the:

- Phlegmatic track, and I added the

- Eyes track.

I've had to do this on a few occasions. But even when my third child wakes with a blockage approaching the size that concerned me enough to take my second child to the hospital, playing these RestorChi tracks resolved the issue completely within a few hours.

RestoreChi practitioners are using RestoreChi for all kinds of reasons - mostly to ease aches and pains, to try to cure acute or chronic illness, or to improve general well-being.

I think I will use RestoreChi mainly to support detox and self-love / self-care for myself, my family, and my clients.

Some things will resolve easily with just RestoreChi, some may require dietary changes, and most will benefit from understanding the reason behind the symptoms and illness (through the session work that I do with my clients), so that the gift behind the illness/symptom can be claimed.

I am very grateful to have this modality in my healing toolkit!

I highly recommend that people do not try to self-administer these tracks without seeking advice from a properly trained RestoreChi practitioner, at least to start.

Once you understand your issues, and the tracks that are a good fit to address what you are going through, then by all means, the intention is to empower you to heal yourself, by putting this powerful self-healing technique into your hands, for you and your family.

Just remember, it may seem like nothing because you can not hear or see it work, but RestoreChi is a powerful modality that can do harm, as well as good, if it is not used correctly!

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Grounding in the Body!

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My Soul Contract calls for me to move into the body, and finally my business is going in that direction as well. Its not all mental, spiritual, and emotional, healing the body is also critical to be able to enjoy life and be of service, with more grace and ease.

Gratitude! Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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