Help to get healthy again

Help to get healthy again

I don't use the word "help" lightly, but sometimes, we are too weak to do it on our own, and we truly need help and support to get back on track...

Here are some people who helped me to restore my healthy way of life:

- Marina Geoge: how to shop smart, prep well, radical forgiveness, and breathwork

- Rosemary Sciara: what food and supplements would help clear mystery symptoms, and more recently how to support yourself financially if you've been negatively affected by the mandates

- Dr Oksana Sawiak: diagnosing and clearing/correcting heavy metal poisoning, parasites, and organ damage

- Elinko Pragnell: colonic hydrotherapy (which helps release physical, emotional, and relational stuck toxins), Japanese rocking massage (which attunes the whole body to the beat of the heart, and helps release trauma), Metamorphosis Technique (taught by a monk) to move, release, remind, and guide the life.

- Abigel Salmini: massage and detox through diet and supplements

Cover Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash