Get your child to age 7, still believing in themselves, this can last a lifetime

Get your child to age 7, still believing in themselves, this can last a lifetime

They say 7 years is when a solid foundation is built in a child. Let me show you how to give your child a gift to last a lifetime...

I’ve always been able to look into a child’s eyes and get them. See their pain, see them crying out, see their light. This is a big part of what inspired me to do this work. Then with time and with society saying a child should be this way or that way, I have seen their light die. I have seen them conform, I have seen them reach teenagerhood and no longer see their own light, no longer see where they are special and divine, and only seeing what they feel they are not! This light can die long before teenagerhood and last for the rest of their life!

This is where my work comes in.

#1 - I show parents the magic in their child from DAY ONE! A child doesn’t have to be able to speak for you to know who they are and what they need. This information is fully accessible at birth.

There will be days when your child will drive you absolutely bonkers, but when you know your child at their core, you will be able to hold a strong loving space that guides and does not crush who they are.

#2 - I show kids, teens, young adults, and people of any age, who they really are, on paper. You can not deny when you see yourself come right back at you, when you see: "YES, that is me, that is why I feel bad about myself and WOW, that thing I feel bad about is a strength? I chose that design because it’s a gift?" Yes! And that is when the light bulb turns on. USE YOUR GIFT! You are special, we are all special!

This is why I want all of us to Support Their Light.

It is easy to do on some levels, because you just need to let them be themselves. Provide a loving, accepting, unconditional space for them to grow, learn, and adjust. But, it is also hard on some levels because it is not mainstream, it is not socially acceptable, it does not follow the rules. But, they are YOUR kids, this is YOUR life. If your child is tired, stay home, if they only eat one thing, let them eat one thing, if they need to go to bed exhausted, let them. All these rules and guidelines are written in their Human Design. Take a look, be aware, and then you can relax and just enjoy guiding your beautiful children to their best selves.

There is rhyme and reason for everything! I hope you can see their light and I hope you can see your own.

Reach out if you are ready to see how amazing YOU and YOUR KIDS really are.

Don’t let their light go out. Don’t put them in a situation where they think they don’t measure up to someone else. They don’t need to live like that. They just need to be themselves, and you just need to be you!

Love and blessings!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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