Esogetic Medicine and other support

Esogetic Medicine and other support

For the times we find our selves in...

With the rolling closures of children's programs, and my absolute refusal to put my children in any circumstance where they are being mistreated, I have had less time to sit at my computer than usual, but that does not mean that I have stopped writing, learning, teaching, healing, and seeing clients.

In the past year I have qualified quite extensively in a new modality, that has a solid history, which you can learn more about here: Esogetic Medicine.

Divine Healing has also made a greater appearance in my life lately, as well as RestoreChi and Elemental Magic (see image above, magic "hiding" in plain sight).

Multidimensional health is so important right now!

If you go to, you can see links at the top, to all the social medias where I have some presence. Although, mostly, I am on Instagram and Astrology Truths LinkedIn. I even opened a Telegram channel for people who have left social media for their own wellbeing, but miss my posts. I have been honest and raw, through this whole process, you are not alone!

Here is what my own healing touched on today:

- energetically clearing a parasite that comes from the feces of dogs, rabbits, and foxes, that can impact our muscles, brain, eyes, and connective tissue (it's not too hard to imagine what kind of sh*t this is referring to!)

- improving my ability to communicate from the heart how I truly feel

- balancing judgement and family problems, that have left me feeling powerless, impacting my gums, hips, knees, feet, and eyes

- an inability to continue to "see the good in life" (all of the time), because even though I am looking for help and a quiet life, there is a part of me that feels, when the sun rises, if I survive and others do not, it will be my fault, as they said it was my fault for what happened in childhood, which was truly just about me trying to survive, while they were trying to pretend nothing was happening, as they didn't want to risk any loss. In the end we lost a lot, and I survived, as I always have and will, and so did they, but maybe as a more broken version of themselves, at times. I am taking on responsibilities that are not mine, to avoid blame. But, the thing is, the responsibility is not mine. This story is not mine alone, we all have similar wounds to release.

- so, instead, I will wake to the "love of my emotions", which tell me when it is time to clear, time to get space for my self, time to share, time to notice what is happening etc.

This time is not easy, but it is the time we find our selves in, and we can navigate it in so many ways, many of which are much healthier than the mainstream recommendation.

Sending you love.

Check out my blog for more, this is the easiest place for me to write, when I am lying in bed with my kiddos, because if I get up to go use my computer, it's bye bye me/quiet time ;).

You can do this!

The universe would never hand any of us a challenge we are not totally capable of mastering, in the end.