Don't we all need "a place where we never have to say I'm sorry"?

Don't we all need "a place where we never have to say I'm sorry"?

Tatiana Korosec is the owner of the new indoor play gym We Rock The Spectrum in Oakville. I was immediately drawn to her and her work, and here's why...

Tatiana has an absolute heart of gold. She is one of the first people to bring the We Rock the Spectrum concept to Canada, and she works hard to adjust the service she provides to meet the unique needs of a Canadian market.

Tatiana believes in creating "a place where you never have to say I'm sorry". Whether this means apologizing (or even feeling the need to apologize) for your child's behaviour because they are on the spectrum, or otherwise.

All children simply want to be accepted for who they are. And all parents want to be respected for their personal needs, limits, and the decisions they make for their unique family!

Unlike other play gyms, where the staff are simply hired to run the place and to keep the kids in line, Tatiana and her staff are always actively involved, supporting the kids in their play, and supporting the caregivers to feel at home.

Tatiana is an amazing host. She often has snacks and coffee available at no charge, as well as free wifi and other reasonably priced drinks and snacks.

Although some people question why her drink and snack prices are so low, Tatiana stands firm on this decision because, having a child on the spectrum herself, she knows how hard it can be to just leave the house. And how often snacks and drinks can be forgotten or are not a high priority at the time.

But, then you get to the gym and your child (or you) get hungry or thirsty, and a snack or drink can make such a huge positive difference at that time, for the child and parent, and Tatiana wants to support families, not take advantage of them. For this reason, Tatiana makes healthy, reasonably priced, options available. She is thinking of us, and we are grateful!

The gym has something for everyone. Whether your child likes to be active or do a quiet craft!

There is also an option to take some of the fun home with you. And, again, unlike other gyms, who offer low quality toys at a high price (that are only going to junk up your home, and that kids a notorious for having meltdowns over, if their parents are unwilling to buy these items for them), Tatiana only stocks high quality items (like Melissa & Doug toys), again available at a very reasonable price.

For us, buying an item or two to take home, once in a while, has actually extended the independent play at home, and re-ignited the positive feelings of being at We Rock The Spectrum, while we were at home.

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Bringing a little We Rock The Spectrum home with us,
to extend the independent play and the positive emotion! Gratitude!

Over the last few months of being in business, Tatiana has noticed that the weekends are always very busy. This is the time where families with children with special needs are able and willing to drive the distance to come to her gym. But during the week, Tatiana has noticed that, because kids are in school, and because families with children with special needs are often overwhelmed by the school / weekday routine, fewer families are able to make use of her gym during the week. This opens the doors to some amazing opportunities, to serve more people in the community.

On weekdays, We Rock the Spectrum is an amazing place for:

- entrepreneur parents who need some time to work, email, or hold meetings while their kids (who are not in school) can play. As mentioned above, she often has snacks and coffee available at no charge, as well as free wifi and other reasonably priced drinks and snacks.

- there is also an amazing teaching/meeting space available, if you want to hold groups or meetings. There may also be an opportunity to make childminding available for the children of your participants (at a reasonable fee).

- unschooling families! As someone who unschooled my children for a short while, I know how much this community values that their children are respected for who they are. You will definitely find this kind of support at We Rock The Spectrum! No one will lose their mind if your child decides to walk up the slide or take off their socks! My kids are very selective of who they will interact with, and they are always eager to communicate and play with the staff at We Rock The Spectrum!

- mom's groups. Lets be honest, we all need a break and some respite some of the time. Whether our kids have special needs or not. Why not let Tatiana host your mom's group? Your kids can play, and you can support one another.

- Tatiana is also very open to having vendors host a table at her gym (for a reasonable fee), and they can also leave their flyers and cards at the front desk, if their service is of high quality, and aligned with what she feels would be of value to the families who attend her gym. This also allows her clients to become more aware of the supports available to them in their community. Win-win!

Check out their space at: 245 Wyecroft Rd, Unit 3, Oakville, Ontario

And go here to see her amazing multi-visit package deals! Which includes:

- very reasonably priced un-parented camps (with several options), and

- if you buy a monthly membership for your child, you can essentially treat it as a very reasonably priced, flexible-hour, parented-camp, and finally,

- if you have a child who likes to help out, speak to Tatiana about the possible option of having your child participate as a helper (like a junior counselor) in the un-parented camps. What a great opportunity for your child to take a leadership role, get great experience, and feel like an important contributor in their community!

How can you integrate the opportunities offered by We Rock The Spectrum into your everyday life?

When we support people who are offering amazing services in our community, our community gets stronger, and we all benefit!

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A gym for all kids, parents, and families, from all walks of life!

Don't miss the upcoming FREE Family Fun Day community event at We Rock The Spectrum - Oakville, on Sunday August 18th, 2019, 10am-5pm.

If you are interested in being a vendor at this ^^ amazing event, reach out to Tatiana at 905-337-0101 to reserve your spot TODAY!

Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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