Astrology, Esogetic Medicine, Divine Healing, RestoreChi, Alternative Education

Astrology, Esogetic Medicine, Divine Healing, RestoreChi, Alternative Education

It's so hard to get to my computer, but you can find the articles and posts that I write regularly here:

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Esogetic Medicine articles - from an Esogetic perspective, the only reason anyone gets injured, sick, or has conflict is because they still have unresolved early life trauma, that is looking to be processed and healed, or the way they are living their life now is impeding their life purpose. Though many would have a problem with this belief, and want to believe that accidents and illness are not their fault, the truth is: many people can have accidents or be around illness, or have damage to their body, and not have any symptoms, and that is because it is not a lesson they need for their spiritual growth (past or future). Esogetic Medicine is a fascinating modality to work with that ties together so much wisdom! I've been searching for a modality (or proof) like this my entire life. My mom has always played the victim, and I have always said "your problems are because you refuse to live in alignment with your truth". This modality leaves no room for people who want to see themselves as a victim of life, and gives me permission to exit these situations. And why not, if I can not help, I may as well step aside so the person can seek what they are looking for, and I can focus on my own self-care and growth, to be of service the those who want to benefit from what I have to offer.

Astrology Truths posts and Astrology articles - astrology deliberately gets a bad reputation, because people do not look at the deeper layers. Astrology is important for everyone to know, because it gives us permission to be our selves and to see others with compassion, curiosity, and support. Astrology shows the natural cycles of life, psychology, growth, and development, and how they work together. Astrology has always been widely used to gain an advantage over others, and once you recognize this, maybe you will feel more empowered to understand and follow your truth.

Courses and Workshops - mostly I am co-teaching astrology right now, although I think people would benefit from learning RestoreChi, as a way to empower themselves to understand and care for their own health! Also see Your Health Toolkit.

Divine Healing articles - believe it or not, Divine Healing was the first modality I trained in. It is what allowed me to clear my major depression and severe anxiety, and choose a life that is aligned with what works for me (i.e., doesn't make me feel sick to live). I have not offered it as much as my other modalities, because I didn't have the confidence that it could be as effective for others as it is for me. I continue to share the beauty of this modality, so that those who feel it may be a fit for them, know that it exists and is something that I am highly trained in.

Every practitioner is a sum of all their parts, and I have many parts to move into, as you can see on my website:

Alternative Education articles - my kids will always come first, balanced with my own self-care. It is so important to me to raise awareness that: we can treat children, staff, and families with respect, and work together, to create a supportive environment for everyone, to do what they need to do and be/become who they are waiting to blossom into.

Astrology, Esogetic Medicine, Divine Healing, RestoreChi, Alternative Education

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