Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Aqualead is a fairly new modality and the gateway to the Andromedan Elemental Magic and Healing System, which is something you might like to be aware of...

The first thing that drew me to Aqualead was the mention of using Unicorn Energy/Magic. I have never been a fan of horses, they scare me, but for some reason Unicorns are a nice compromise between four legs on the grounded earth, and wings to the spiritual sky.

The second thing that drew me to Aqualead was the mention that it is about invoking the elements/elementals. To be honest, I didn't know what this really meant, until I dug a little deeper. But as I mention in this article, 2 of my main Soul Contracts indicate that I am here to work with elemental energies. This could mean fairies, dwarfs, unicorns, elves, dragons, or trolls, or it could mean earth, fire, air, and water.

Given that my practice also involves looking at Astrology, the link to earth, fire, air, and water (very much linked to the Astrological signs) is of great interest to me.

The third reason I was drawn to Aqualead was the instructor, Brian Gray. I wrote about him here, although I didn't mention that, to me, he carries true solid wizard energy, which, by my definition, means he is powerful, but you can trust him to have your best interest at heart. And for me, that is of the utmost importance when you are working with something as powerful and unknown as energy and magic. You may not be able to see it, but if you are sensitive, you can definitely feel it, and it is not something to mess around with with the wrong teacher!!

Before I begin, I will warn you, this is quite a complex system. However, I have decided to try to introduce you to it in its entirety, as, like I mentioned, I would not have been drawn to Aqualead if I could not see what it might lead to...

Here is a simplified diagram of the Andremodan Energy System flowchart:

Aqualead, Queldon, Unicorn Symbols, Movement Symbols, Dyanstir, Emergentus, Elemental Magic

Adromedan Energy System Flowchart

Reading from top to bottom, you can see what courses must be completed before moving to the next topic, down the page. Courses that are indented and on the same line are optional, can be taken in any order, and one does not need to take all of the courses in the same line, just whatever resonates with them.

In my opinion, as an outsider, the levels are simply there so that the information can be taught in manageable chunks, so rather than describing each level, I will describe each modality as a whole.

I am not going into the history or source of this modality, as Brian Gray does a great job to introduce Aqualead here. And the purpose of this article is to show you an outside perspective.

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Aqualead can be used for self-healing, distance healing, used with intention or laying of the hands. It is intended to remove toxins and lower vibrations in water. This applies to the earth, animals, plants, and humans. It has a very calming effect and is useful to relax anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. It also aids in improving communication (even telepathic communication between and within all animal species, including human to human), and heal animal fears and phobias. It can support the earth, including improving agriculture and plant life. It can also enhance creativity. Aqualead includes working with crystals and moving water. And, as many spiritual people know, water is a representation for a healthy flow of love, abundance, money, nature, and children. There is some connection with fairies and extra-terrestrial beings to promote compassion and clear negative energies and infection. The master level also includes and introduction to Telekenisis.

I really value the way Brian teaches Aqualead. As a retired teacher / guidance counselor, he understands the many ways in which people can absorb information and offers a infinite correspondence table (much like Aleister Crowley) in written and visual form. You can go as deep into this system as you like, and as deep as your unique access to ancient wisdom allows and invites you.

Brian, being quite an expert in crystals, goes into quite a bit of detail on how each Aqualead symbol is linked to a specific crystal, and its main properties. This alone, is quite magical and powerful!

Infinite Correspondence table, Aqualead, corresponding crystal properties


Photo by Sara Johnston on Unsplash

Even though Aqualead is based on using symbols, one of the things I like best about Aqualead is you really do not need to specify a symbol at all. You can simply send yourself, someone else, or a situation Aqualead, and whatever symbols you are attune to will be sent, depending on what is most appropriate for the situation. You don't have to think about how Aqualead will resolve the issue, you simply send it, and let it do its thing!

In addition, something I find very unique about the way Brian teaches Aqualead is: as opposed to the other energy modalities I have learned, Brian does not spend most of the teaching time focused on technique and hand position. Instead he spends most of the time transmitting the essence, application, and success stories of the energy. Which to me, as an experienced student in spirituality, is a more powerful and respectful use of time. We can practice hand positions in our own time, but to understand the true meaning, depth, and application, is something only a true master can pass onto his students. I have not seen other instructors do this when transmitting similar, energy-based, skills.

The main success I have had so far with Aqualead, is I am currently having a very challenging pregnancy. Up until the day I took Aqualead 1 I could not drink water at all, I could only drink tea or coffee (probably because the water was boiled first), ginger-ale, and cranberry juice. It was very limiting!

After taking Aqualead, I simply connected to the energy, showed gratitude, and ask that it rain on me while I slept. By morning I was able to drink any form of liquid again. What a relief! Being dehydrated in pregnancy is literally painful!

In addition, during the Aqualead 1 training I was unable to send the energy to my unborn daughter without feeling very nauseous. But, in the evening when I was working with the energy on my own, while lying in bed, I got a very strong sensation that she was actually trying her own hand at the energy, and I felt a strong beam of energy come at me from all directions from inside my womb. Very cool!

unborn baby, energy modality, aqualead

Even unborn babies can play with (and send) Aqualead energy!

Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Queldon is a modality based on thought, intention, and mudras (powerful hand positions). It heals the human heart and mind, and causes changes in human DNA and body biochemistry. It is NOT for animals, children under 12 years of age, or plants. It must be used as a stand-alone modality and can not be combined with symbols from any other system (including Reiki, Aqualead, or Unicorn symbols).


Queldon Symbol (Sabine Blais, Brian Gray)

Unicorn and Movement Symbols are more a part of the first system (Aqualead) than Queldon is, but because Queldon can be taken before completing Aqualead Master Level and Unicorn and Movement Symbols can not, I mentioned Queldon first in this article (this also respects the flow of the diagram above).

Unicorn Symbols work at the emotional level. They are excellent for dealing with family and ancestral issues, recovering from physical and sexual abuse, or other trauma. They are very gentle (which is critical when working with someone who has been traumatized), and tend to target the main emotional issues that many people face in their lifetime: guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, anger, and dealing with conflict.

If you know my history, or why I do the work I do - pretty much to save the lives of people who have a rough upbringing, showing them there is a reason for what they have been through, and supporting them to heal and claim their gifts, you would understand why Unicorn Symbols found me and drew my attention!

Movement Symbols are a more precise application of Telekinesis.

Where Aqualead focuses on what can be done with and to water, Dyanstir expands this application to the other 3 elements: fire, earth, and air. This results in a more direct and positive impact on the environment and the natural forces around us.

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Dyanstir Symbol (Sabine Blais, Brian Gray)

Emergentus leaves the energy healing world and is our first introduction to Magic!

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Emergentus Symbol (Sabine Blais, Brian Gray)

Have you ever wanted to be a student of a Harry Potter or X-men type of university? Well, now's your chance to do so, in a grounded, safe, and practical way!

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash

Its not only about magic, it is also about spiritual growth! Often when we think of spiritual growth we think of growing through the mud, pain, dealing with our issues, in order to eventually become a "better" person. Well, here's an opportunity to grow through play, just like children should be able to do, and we are all children at heart!

Emergentus is safe, pure, powerful, and creates a greater sense of peace, freedom, and higher states of well-being.

It is a magical art that uses spells, wands, Runes, symbols, amulets, recipes, and other magical energy practices. It is not a religion, it does not entail any worship of gods or deities, and has no religious rituals.

Dragon Magic is related to Fire, extreme wealth that appears effortlessly and almost instantly, telepathic communication, and can affect weather patterns (clouds and wind).

Dwarf Magic is related to transforming something old into something new. It has a real alchemical feel to it, because of its relation to metals, shiny coins, precious gem stones, and anything of high value. It brings about abundance, prosperity, success, good fortune, and wealth, earned through an accumulation of fortune, through working hard at something you love to do.

Elvish Magic is related to Air, and is very versatile and influential. It is great for working with treas and plants. It is used to enchant certain areas, heal, start fires, and protect wildlife. It can also bring about (or stop) rain, snow, or strong winds. And it can help with camouflage, invisibility, and self-defense techniques, which are sadly critical for sensitive people, especially those prone to wanting to help others at their own expense!

Fairy Magic is also related to Air, and it includes spells, enchantments, herbal magic recipes, wands, and an oil recipe. It is often used to protect forests, but can also bring spiritual and physical lightness to any situation. It creates an innocence and purity anywhere where it is invoked. It can also create portals to other dimensions and can support people to disappear at will.

My younger sister was very interested in fairies as a child. She is not spiritual now, in fact, she is quite jaded. But, as a child, I think her connection with fairies is what saved her life. Like I alluded to, we had a rough childhood. I spent mine trying to save our lives, and she spent hers in fairy land. She was also born under a full moon, and fairies are very connected to the full moon.

Trollish Magic is focused on the transformation of elements and the universal flow of energy, and does not use wands. It has a very rustic, earthy feel, and helps people feel grounded while using magic.

I find in my practice, the most important things my clients need to work on is: grounding, stepping into their power, and re-opening their heart. So this is a very good thing for me to know about!

Trollish Magic is very nature-based, using many basic elements found outdoors (rocks, stones, twigs). It includes a potent range of spell work, said in a commanding tone. This is where I will struggle, should I choose to enter this modality, as I am not comfortable performing in any way, and I feel the use of a commanding tone enters into that realm. But, like my clients, I need to work on stepping into my power too!

This is a great modality for people who enjoy the rustic outdoors and it is strongly recommended to be practiced near a campfire!

Trolls are elemental beings who's energy is related to caves, tunnels, mountains, and living underground. They tend to be practically invisible to humans.

And last, but not least, Unicorn Magic is calming, soothing, and stable. It is related to Earth energy. The spells are very simple, but powerful. Unicorn Magic is excellent for healing issues with emotions, relationships, mental health, and general well-being. It is heart-centered and focused on Love, which is what makes it so powerful. In truth, this is what drew me to Brian's work in the first place! See my initial article about him entitled "Healing with Unconditional Love at The Mystic Tree".

As someone with a primary Soul Destiny 13-4, all I am here to do is spread unconditional love and knowledge to children and families, so that we can all heal from our traumas and live a beautiful life.

Natural Vibrations

Brian Gray (Natural Vibrations)

I am grateful to have met Brian Gray and I look forward to continuing my education with him. I don't know exactly what path I will take through this beautiful system. But I trust that the path I take will be perfect for what I need to be of service.

Perhaps you will have seen something above that draws your interest as well!

Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Love, Bless, and Strong.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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