Why Massage Therapy is the best Holiday Gift

Why Massage Therapy is the best Holiday Gift

6 of 10 adults suffer from stress and anxiety during and after the holiday season. Massage can melt away those aches and pains and bring back the joy.

The holidays are a time of fun, family and festivity—but for many of us, they’re also a time of high stress. Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways, from back pain and headaches to muscle spasms, circulation and respiratory stress. You may be feeling pain now and with the added stress of managing holiday activities, shopping, or shoveling snow, it could accelerate.

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Shoveling Snow Back Pain

Our body’s soft tissue areas include muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. If someone is tense and in need of a release, or they have been injured and have extensive muscle and/or nerve tissue damage that plagues their body, massage therapy might be worth exploring.

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Massage Therapy

Here are some reasons you might consider the gift of massage therapy for yourself or a loved one this holiday season with Parkway Back & Foot Clinic:

It Reduces Stress – Not only can massage therapy help with stress relief, but regular massage sessions over a prolonged time, can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on both physical and emotional levels.

Promotes Muscle Relaxation – The purpose of massage therapy is to identify the source of the body’s pain and help eliminate tense muscles to increase flexibility and provide relaxation to the affected muscles.

Increase Circulation - Massage Therapy promotes circulation to injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. This increased activity reduces stiffness and swelling in the muscles and joints

The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not to be underestimated. Improved circulation is part of a snowball effect that occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massage therapy. This is because proper circulation brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing.

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