Orthotics and Why they can benefits kids.

Orthotics and Why they can benefits kids.

Children develop many faulty conditions when they learn to walk. These conditions, if not corrected can cause foot problems later in life.

Children develop many faulty foot conditions under the age of 4 like in-toe, out-toe, flat foot, heel pain, bunions.

Seeing the child walk for the first few time is a delightful sight to the parents, however, take note of how your child talks & if you think he is not walking properly, take him to a chiropractor immediately.

I have heard a lot of parents saying that they wish they had brought their child earlier for foot problem analysis.

Lets see how kids orthotics can solve a lot of foot conditions with children:


In-toe or pigeon toed is a common problem in children, where the child walks with the toe facing inwards. This issue causes acute pain in the child's foot & he can overcome the problem by wearing a particular kind of orthotic called a gait plate.

Orthotics and Why they can benefits kids.


Out Toeing is a foot condition where the child walks with this toe facing outwards rather than the toe pointing straight. Out-toeing is a clumsy walking pattern which must be corrected as early as possible, or they can result in a flat foot. If you do observe your child walking with his toe outwards, we recommend you visit a chiropractor and chiropodist to get treated right away!

Flat Feet

Some children develop flat feet where the metatarsal arch is collapsed & damaged. Flat feet causes pain to the child & in the later stages of life, he may develop bunions or hammertoes.

Orthotics and Why they can benefits kids.

Flat Feet

Flat feet may also cause pain in the lower back, hip & knee, hence it is important that you visit a Chiropractor soon!

A custom made orthotics can be used for treating flat foot.


A child involved actively in sports can develop bunions i.e the big toe joint is stressed, which results in redness & swelling. Children usually complain of acute pain after removing the shoe. The tight shoes rub along the big toe joint, stressing the bone.

Orthotics and Why they can benefits kids.


An orthotic can be placed in the shoe to provide support to the foot, which can solve bunion condition.

Unusual conditions in the feet can develop in a child of age under 4 or when he is a teenager, it is pivotal that you note the gait of your child to ensure your child grows with a stronger foot. A chiropractor will suggest the right treatment along with the right selection of the orthotics for your child that can treat foot abnormalities or any injury.