Holiday festivities, high heels and foot pain, Oh My!

Holiday festivities, high heels and foot pain, Oh My!

Do the shoe boxes in your closet bear the names Manolo or Jimmy Choo? If so, there's a good chance high heels are a big part of your foot pain.

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City may have chased taxis, and sometimes a dog in the park while teetering on 4-inch stilettos, but high-heels in the real world can be a bit different.

Women do love their high heels

If you wear them all the time, foot pain and other problems like lower back pain, can ensue either as a direct result of the heels or exacerbated by them.

Foot care is so important to avoid concerns that may arise from high heels like bunions, calluses, hammertoes or pain in the ball of the foot that seems to grow worse with each passing year.

What You Should Know

Anytime you wear shoes that are tight or constrict the natural shape of your foot, it's bound to cause foot and heel pain.

Nothing can lift the spirits like a sassy new pair of high heels. Heels were a lot more comfortable in your 20s and 30s than in your 40s, and 50s. Feet change with age, and some of those changes can make wearing high heels a lot less comfortable. One of the most common: a loss of fat in the bottom of the foot, so if you must wear them at all, take a few precautions, and treat problems early on. Doing so will make the time you spend in spikes a happier day for your feet, especially with the holiday season festivities when fancy attire is often required.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek, Chiropractic

If you’re going to wear heels..

...get the best-fitting high heel possible. Wear a thicker heel for stability. Cushion, cushion, cushion. While a full-shoe insert can help, if you have pain in the ball of the foot -- or you'll be standing in your heels a long time you may want to consult a professional about custom orthotics.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic Chiropodist, Danielle Willis can help you find the right solution to keep you comfortable and looking your best this holiday season. Chiropractor, Dr Barry McHardy can suggest the best alternative to help with the relief of any back pain or related concerns.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek, Chiropractic