Chiropractic Care in Stoney Creek

Chiropractic Care in Stoney Creek

Chiropractors are trained professionals governed by a formal association. It is important you feel safe and educated on the benefits and risks before treatment.

What is Chiropractic Care?

One of the largest primary care professions in Ontario, chiropractic is an evidence-informed, non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments, depending on the specific needs of the individual patient. After taking a history, performing an examination and establishing a diagnosis, a chiropractor can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment/management plan, recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling.

Meet Dr. Barry McHardy B.P.E., D.C.

Chiropractor/Acupuncture Provider

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek, Chiropractic in Stoney Creek

Dr. Barry McHardy

Parkway Back and Foot Pain Clinic

Why did you choose the field of Chiropractic Care?

I have always been fascinated by the body's potential for natural healing and its adaptation to stress and exercise. As a high school athlete, I suffered a significant neck injury while playing hockey. My family doctor was having no success in helping me recover and advised me to seek Chiropractic care. It changed my life. Not only did I progress quickly and regain my physical health, I discovered how much better my spine, muscles and extremities could function and be optimized for better athletic performance.

Now, as a licensed Chiropractor and Acupuncture provider, I have the privilege of helping people of all ages enjoy their activities with better function and less pain.

What is your training and education?

I am a 1998 graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Cum Laude with clinic honours) in Toronto, and honours graduate of McMaster University in 1993. I completed an advanced certificate in Medical Acupuncture in 1999.

What do you offer clients at Parkway Back and Foot Clinic?

My practice involves manual therapy (hands-on adjustments/stretching and mobilization) and soft tissue therapy (myofascial release). I also utilize acupuncture and various electro therapies when appropriate (laser, ultrasound, shockwave therapy). Home exercise prescription is generally provided as well as ergonomic and posture education to help avoid and minimize strain and injury.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek, Chiropractic


I am proud to have surrounded myself with health professionals who contribute their specific expertise in the management of my patients, including Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Chiropody. They share with me a passion for helping our patients achieve their best potential in physical health.

In your spare time what do you like to do?

Away from the office, I spend most of my time trying to keep pace with my five children.

On occasion, I still find some time for golf, skiing, wake surfing, canoeing, and fishing. I have also had the pleasure of volunteering my time as a coach in various organizations, such as coaching hockey and flag football.

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