Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

These set of simple exercise will allow you to stretch & strengthen your back. Devote some time to these exercises for better & rapid healing of your back.

Every man or woman faces back pain at some point in their life. Surprisingly, a lot of young people aged around 25 are facing back issues, thanks to the sitting jobs! These jobs create stiffness in the back & stretching is a good solution which relieves you from the challenges that you may face during simple routine tasks.

Getting Prepared for Stretching Exercises

Before starting the exercise, make sure you are aware of the type of the pain you are suffering from, the exercises you need to do.

What all do you need to keep in mind while performing stretches:

1. Always perform these exercises on a flat mat.

2. Wear lose fitting clothes for more flexibility.

3. Perform stretching freely, without forcing your body.

4. Hold each stretch for at least 20-30 seconds.

5. Repeat the stretches for 5-10 times, depending on your comfort level.

Some Simple Back Stretching Exercises


Hip flexor stretch can be helpful and performed by the patients suffering from lower back pain, or anyone who is required to stand a long time each day at work.

1. Kneel on your right knee & push the left foot forwards in other you.

2. Keeping the torso upright, gently push the hip as forward as you can.

3. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

Hip Flexor Stretch


The piriformis muscle runs from the thigh bone to the base of the spine. Any stiffness in this muscle band can cause pain or joint dysfunction. Piriformis stretching relieves any tightness, make sure that while performing this exercise, the muscle in the hip area is stretched before this doing exercise.

1. Lie on your back & place the right ankle on the left knee (as shown in the picture below).

2. Fold your hands around the thighs to grip them & pull the knee towards you, this should cause stretch.

Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

Piriformis Stretch

3. Hold for a while & change the leg.

Strecthing is important because it removes the tightness of the muscle & if you are  letting the muscle in pain be as then it would create more stiffness & more pain.


The pelvic bone behind the hips needs regularly stretched as this bone is responsible for knee bending. If you have a wrong sitting posture or suffer from back pain/degenerative disc, then this hamstring stretching is your rescue.

1. Raise one of your legs as high as you can.

2. Take a light towel or a stretching belt & hold it with your hands & surrounding it over your feet.

3. Try to create a 90-degree angle with the hip & make sure that the toe points inwards.

4. This will cause stretching around your outer thighs.

Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

Hamstring Stretching

5. Hold onto 20-30 seconds & change the leg.


Pelvic lift tightens the abdominal muscles. If you are suffering from lower back pain then you must adopt this stretching exercise.

1. Lie on the mat on your back.

2. Place the foot flat on the floor, knees bend.

3. Place your hands on the mat & lift your pelvis as high as you can.

4. Hold for a few seconds & relax.

Back pain exercise in between Chiropractor appointments.

Pelvic Lift

You can also adopt for some water therapy exercises as they are extremely beneficial & highly recommended. The secret to getting relieved from all the back pain is to walk for at least 20-30 minutes, give stretches to the area in pain.