Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

One step. Two step. Three step. Four. As women, we can be empowered in life to BE so much more.

It all starts with you.

One step forward.

It is amazing though, how difficult that first step can be. No matter how small or large the leap, it requires the same amount of strength, confidence and courage to execute.

Runners start their race with the sound of a gun.

How do women start an empowered journey? Typically, there are no cheering crowds. No fan fare. No swag. No months of training, reading, preparation. Just a moment in time when something in our souls stir.

Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

A catalyst of some sort ignites a passion inside of us that creates a spark, hurdling us down a path of hills, bumps, valleys, corners, dead ends, one-way streets. As well as paths that are clear, flat, open avenues where we can feel the warmth of the sunshine on our face and take in a deep breath as well as the moment.

Whether it was a jump start or a slow simmer that finally roared to a boil, focusing on living an empowered life is a journey that will provide women with a sense of who they are. Moving towards living an empowered life is not just decision … it is a sense of BEing.

Moving Towards an Empowered Life

1 Have a Dream

It’s hard to know when you have finished something if you don’t know what constitutes the finish line. If you look at any type of race, game or competition, there is a beginning and an end. You have a starting point and a definitive end.

Growing your sense of feeling empowered has a starting point, and it begins with you making the decision that you want to grow in your personal development.

Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

Once you have made the decision to expand your awareness of yourself, you need something to keep you motivated, focused and moving forward. That is where your dream or desires come from.

What do you want to do or who do you want to be that gets you fired up? What are you passionate about?

This may require you to do some deep thinking as many people may shrug their shoulders and say “I don’t know,” when asked the question what is your dream?

  • What childhood dreams did you have that you thought were impossible to achieve as a child? Could you make them possible today as an adult?
  • Could you make them possible today as an adult?
What kind of dreamer are you? Are you able to dream big?

Once you reflect and identify what your dream and/or desires are and you connect with an emotion, then you have something to work towards. Be empowered to go after it.

2 Start Believing in Yourself

What were the reasons why you have not attempted to go after a dream or desire at this point in your life? What excuses were you telling yourself and/or others? These excuses become the negative self-talk that unfortunately, has such a powerful hold over how you perceive yourself and your self-belief. Even without any proof that you can’t do something, many times we revert to the “I can’t do that,” response when asked to try something new.

You need to flip your negative self-talk and turn it into positive self-talk. Imagine how you will feel, think and behave once you achieve your dream or desire? What skills, knowledge and experience could you gain by achieving something you never thought possible?

Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

Start believing that you CAN achieve what you want. Empower yourself to give yourself the strength to strength the limits of what you know, to break the glass ceiling you thought was above you, to truly explore your learning potential, to allow yourself to make mistakes and try new things.

Believe that any steps forward towards your dream or desire is positive, that there are no failures, just learning opportunities. Just learning about yourself.

3 Surround Yourself with the Best

Being empowered means taking action. That includes taking action on who you surround yourself with. It is hard work to change your mindset, and to set your targets on seeing, feeling and Being the Heroine that you are.

To break free of the negativity within your own head is under your control. Removing yourself from situations and events whereby a negative charge may be difficult to avoid can be lonely. Isolating. And not just for you. You may have to take a long, hard look at your networks; those you control and those you have little influence over.

Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

What changes can you make with little conscious effort? What changes can you extract over time? What changes require conversations? What changes are easy because there have never actually been any conversations?

To be the best version of you, you need to surround yourself with people who want to experience and be around the best version of you. Over time, the magnetism of a negative mindset will lesson. The void filled by the light feelings that come from being positive, and being around positive people.


You deserve the best. Why expect something less?

To live a life feeling empowered comes from curating a new lifestyle for yourself, and sense of BEing. As you awaken your Inner Heroine, your strength, confidence and courage to live as an empowered woman will grow and guide you towards other empowered women, and role modeling empowerment to our younger generation of girls.

It starts with one step.

Awaken. Empower. Master.


Your 3-Step Guide Towards Living an Empowered Life

Danielle Joworski is a Guelph, ON based bestselling and award winning Author and Awakening Catalyst for women.  Her work was inspired by the stories women shared with her when she empowered herself and resigned from her corporate career.

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