Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities

Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities

Women, your stories became the catalyst for the success I have today. You too, can learn how to use your own stories to help you achieve the results you want.

Ladies, your stories have taught me so much.

Through your stories, you have shown me in so many ways, that regardless of our age, background, social or economic status, women have many of the same fears. You have taught me that we possess infinite courage when it comes to helping, and putting others first.

You have taught me that we have all created (and sustained) our own limiting barriers, perceived, cultural, real and believed. Created daily when we talk negatively about ourselves and pack ourselves inside our own cookie-cutter boxes because we believe what we were taught, via words and actions, passed down from generation to generation.

Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities


A shift has been happening. You’ve seen it. You’ve probably felt it. One where women are on a search for their own truth. Their truth to the stories they have been writing about their own lives. The re-write the stories they told themselves and were told to them.

Women are realizing the power, and significance, of the stories they are telling themselves. Many of them are not pretty. Many of them have been dangerous. Leading us off onto paths and journeys with high risks and bigger lessons to learn with an even larger impact:

I can’t ask for help, what will people think?
I have to keep it together or my teammates will think I’m being too ‘emotional’.
I’m not spending enough time with my kids.
I don’t feel passionate about anything in my life anymore.
I don’t remember what happiness feels like.
My decision to become a mother will impact my ability to secure a C-suite.
I don’t have time to take care of myself. I’m too busy.
If I don’t do it, nobody else will.
I just have to do it. What other choice do I have?

Any of these stories sound familiar?

My questions for you are: How did you feel when you read those stories? Could you hear your own voice saying any of them? Have you caught and listened while you told yourself these stories?

What is the outcome of the power of these stories? We don’t have to look very hard. The impact can be seen on women’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I know this beyond doing a social media search. I know this because I have lived through it. Years of believing stories as to what logical decisions I was to make left me struggling with my mental health, a skeleton of my former self, physically present but emotionally absent from my children’s lives, and living without a purpose. I know this based on the stories of the women whom I have met along my path.

Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities


What did I do?

Feeling overwhelmed, lost, and detached from living my life to just living in a life. I made the decision to resign from a lifestyle that was not bringing me happiness.  I no longer knew what happiness felt like, but I had just created time for me to figure it out again.  To feel it again.

When I resigned, multiple women sought me out and shared their stories of sadness, depression, lack of fulfillment, and an absence of passion in their lives. A desire to be able to make the decision that I did, to choose me, for the first time in a long time.

The worst part for me? The realization around the impact of the stories that I was telling my children without even saying a word.

The stories that women are telling themselves are having a profound impact on our younger generation of girls. A generation that is watching, learning, and creating their own stories.  I experienced this with my own daughter.  The women who shared their stories with me, told me of the impact of their stories on their families.

Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities


Women Need Time for Self-Care

Today, women have the power to re-shape the stories they are telling themselves. Self-reflection and self-care help is rampant, but few women actually seek it out, and fewer actually self-actualize and permanently transform their lives. Time, oh precious time, is needed between work, family, extra-curricular activities (in most circumstances everyone else’s activities and not the woman’s) in order to allow self-care to occur.

With my book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, women have the opportunity to become awakened and aware of the power of the stories they are telling themselves. Women have the power to learn what stories our younger generation of girls have learned. And what stories our girls are creating for themselves.

Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities

By awakening to the power of their own stories, women can be their own catalyst for a life-changing opportunity. By realizing the infinite potential that happens when they share their stories, they can connect to other generations and help them re-write their stories as well. Together, we can awaken the Heroine inside of ourselves. To be, feel and see ourselves as having strength, confidence and bravery.

The potential impact of women sharing their stories with each other and our younger generations cannot be measured. The potential of women to ignite such a movement is infinite. All it takes is the decision and desire to change the stories they are telling themselves. To use the power of their stories to inspire, motivate and empower the generations around them.

Women, you were the catalyst that ignited my inner Heroine. It is my pleasure through The ATHENA Prodigies, speaking and coaching, that I can be the catalyst to help you awaken yours.

I have learned so much from you, and am truly grateful.  Your stories were the catalyst that ignited the idea that grew into the concept for The ATHENA Prodigies.  Your stories created a ripple effect in my life with infinite possibilities.  It is my turn to help you awaken to your infinite possibilities.

What stories are you telling yourself?  Are they helping your achieve your dreams, or as they holding you back?

Are the Heroine of your stories?

Are you concerned about what your stories (whether you realize it or not) are telling our next generation of girls?

I offer unique tools, workshops and group/1:1 coaching for all generations of women

It be because I was inspired by women and being a Mom, that I am also inspired to help Moms change the stories that they are telling themselves.  To be the Heroine and create stories, results, that are helping them, not holding them back from achieving their dreams or what they truly want.

  • Designed specifically for busy Moms (corporate or entrepreneurs) who want to change the stories that they are telling themselves.  Moms who are struggling to find purpose in their daily routine.  To not just life a life but feel like they are living THEIR life.
  • Moms who want to be the Heroine of their stories and help shape the stories they are telling their children.
  • For women with BIG DREAMS (I love it and completely 'get' you.  Big dreams are what got me to where I am today and keep me focused on bigger things).

Coming in 2017 - Take A.E.M : Awaken your Inner Heroine for Girls.  Click HERE to be added to my newsletter to learn more about dates/locations.

Awaken. Empower. Master.


Women: One Decision, Infinite Possibilities

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