Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

When on a journey to better health, you want a Heroine not just by your side, but leading, motivating, and empowering you to be the best YOU.

To sit across and listen to this woman is nothing less than inspirational. To have her motivating you to lift the first or last weight standing in your path (literally or figuratively) is extraordinary. To feel utterly comfortable confiding your fears in her and allowing her to coordinate your life so that you put yourself, and your health, back on the priority list is gratifying.

Since meeting her, she has motivated me to make positive changes in my life. Because of this, and the impact it has had on my health, she is a Heroine in my life.

Amanda Gazzola, Holistic Wellness Coach and Founder of the Journey to Greatness program, does this all with an exuberant flair. Her authentic desire to help busy, on-the-go- Moms and individuals take control of their health and wellness stems from her own experiences, and resulting path of personal development and success.

Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

Amanda’s approach to helping others benefit from a healthy lifestyle draws upon her expertise in personal fitness and training, and coaching. Her own journey to her current pinnacle of greatness is to be admired, if not completely relatable.

By learning how to embrace her own challenges, thoughts and actions, they provide Amanda with the drive, passion and purpose to help clients through their own health and wellness challenges and successes.

Amanda is as much a healthy lifestyle coordinator as she is a Wellness Coach. She wholly invests herself to grasp the entire breath of a client’s current health and lifestyle challenges, then coordinates changes in just the right areas to create a holistic wellness program, unique to a client’s needs.

Her coaching, personal training, and healthy lifestyle programs are a result of her entire life experiences. She uses what resonated with her to create her own successes, and shares them so that clients feel empowered to make the best possible choices regarding their health.

“… After working with Amanda, both my son and I lost a total of 35 lbs and felt great. (son) felt better about himself and was proud of his accomplishment. He works better at school, took on gym class with a whole new appreciation because he could do it. Amanda was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who needs to re-invent themselves. I a healthier and happier and know what I need to continue to do to stay that way. Falling off the wagon is easy, getting back on is determination and Amanda will give you that determination.” L.A., client.
Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

Drawing upon her own knowledge, training and experience in nutrition, training, habits, toxic relationships, self-worth and more, Amanda coordinates personalized, holistic wellness solutions for clients that includes:

• Knowing where or how to start incorporating healthy lifestyle choices into daily routines (e.g. eating, exercise, mindfulness)

• Taking the guesswork out of knowing where to start when it comes to initiating a healthy and wellness mindset and lifestyle,

• Providing support and guidance on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle options and choices into daily routines,

• Continuous training and instruction on exercise options and routines that are flexible and grow with expanding healthy mindsets and fitness levels.

Working collaboratively with clients on a one:one basis, Amanda expertly coordinates a fitness program, meal plans, mindfulness coaching and/or personal support that is easy-to-implement and maintain in the long-term. Her role is one of a supportive coach but she makes it clear that personal success comes from having personal attachment to results as Amanda shares, “I want my clients to be successful but also want them to understand what it means to be committed.”

Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

Results that clients have experienced when working with Amanda are:

• Increased self-confidence

• Increased self-worth

• A renewed appreciation for self-care

• Energy to play with and keep up with their kids again!

• Feeling sexier and healthier

• A shift in mindset around health and nutrition

• Learning how to make better choices and learning how to interpret nutrition labels

• Helping a teenaged-boy find his voice to not be shy and take charge of the class room

Amanda provides an environment for clients to find confidence in themselves again, and stop living for others, as “self-worth and self-care are the main keys to living a sustained and happy lifestyle.” The results are the inclusion of a holistic healthy lifestyle that is created with the personal needs and demands of a client’s lifestyle.

Fostering a shift in the mindset I used to have around exercise is something that Amanda has helped me with. I have had a love:hate relationship with exercising since my teens. Going to the gym has been like a chore I want to avoid at all costs. Over the years, I have learned how to procrastinate and make the best of excuses to avoid going.

Amanda has been the catalyst for me pulling myself out of the house in the morning, in the cold, to go to the gym. By asking the right questions, Amanda understands my mindset and lack of motivation to work out. In turn, she is able to empower me to work out beyond the traditional machines and weights, while having fun, and gently pushing me beyond what I thought my capabilities were (she had me lifting tires even after I fully doubted I could lift the tire even once). For motivating me to work at silencing that discouraging voice that used to prevent me from working out and engage in a healthier lifestyle, Amanda is a Heroine in my life.

Heroines in My Life Series: A Journey to Greatness in Health

To learn more about Amanda Gazzola, her Journey to Greatness program, or work with her 1:1 in the Guelph area or in her virtual challenges and group programs, you can connect with her at:

Email: info@amandagazzola.com





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