4 Ways to Create Quality Mother-Daughter Time

4 Ways to Create Quality Mother-Daughter Time

Empowering women empowering girls through quality conversations. Discover something about yourself while expanding your connection with your daughter.

Evenings spent as a chauffeur.  Meals scarfed down in shear minutes.  Drive-thru's and the community caffeine runs.  Signing permission forms and packing lunches.

Then stop, rewind, and repeat the next day.

Life is busy.  Or, at least we have the perception of it being busy.

There always seems to be the next proverbial fire to put out.  Someone needs us for something.  Being pulled in multiple directions at the same time.

All this while, your children are growing up.

So often as a Mom, I stop, breathe, and really look at my children.  They are almost as tall as I am now (aka - I need to get higher heels to not be the shortest in the family).  Their independence, although helpful and a life-saver at times, is a reminder that they are growing up.

As the seconds turn into minutes and then hours, time never seems to be on our side.  Something is pushing or pulling us to keep moving forward and 'do' things, but is this sense of moving forward causing us to leave quality time with our children behind?

I still relish Sunday mornings in bed, with the kids and dog snuggled in.  Real estate is becoming sparse.  However, with activities, hormones, and sleep needs changing, those opportunities are becoming few and far between.

How do you create quality time with your kids when time seems to be a luxury?

When I speak to empower women to empower girls, my belief is that as women and girls, Moms and daughters, give ourselves permission to make decisions to align to our true self we are the leaders ~ Heroines ~ of our lives.

Sounds pretty heavy.  However, creating that sense of empowerment can come from creating a leadership mindset that can provide life-long guidance.

A leadership mindset that takes just minutes a day.  The benefits of developing a growth mindset in your child are well studied.

Spend quality time learning about yourself and your daughter, by sharing powerful stories with each other.  Minutes is all it can take.  Or, if you have more time, use it to really develop on your thoughts and ideas, and hers.

4 Ways to Create Quality Mother-Daughter Time


When setting the table, in the car driving to tonight's activity, tucking into bed (or as a part of saying goodnight for those older girls).  When you change your mindset around it, this is ample time to have quality conversations that instill leadership mindsets in her ... and you.

  • Share what you are grateful for - try to each come up with 5 things. For more information on teaching gratitude to your children, click here.
  • Set an intention for the day together. Having that need to achieve something during the day provides a sense that there is a purpose for moving through the day.
  • Share positive affirmations.  Start with the statement "I AM ... " and finish with something positive.  Write your affirmations down.  Soon, you will have created a book full of self-love you can refer to when having a down moment. Positive thoughts and encouragement written by you for you.
  • Identify 1 miracle from the day before. The realization can be that miracles can come in small, but miraculous, packages.

As you hear her thoughts, learn something new about her.  Also, you can put yourself in the position to help by sharing your ideas, or supporting her by just listening.  At the same time, you will gain a new appreciation for the beautiful light that is within your daughter, one that you are helping to shine.

4 Ways to Create Quality Mother-Daughter Time


Quality Mother-Daughter time does not need to take hours, or require lots of money to create that 'perfect' environment.  Use natural experiences and opportunities.  Quality will always trump quantity (including the money you spend creating experiences).  The conversations you have in a car ride to and from the next activity on your checklist can be where you have your most powerful, and empowering, conversation.

Put away the devices.  Have an old-fashioned conversation.  One that will empower her, and your, life-long leadership mindset.

4 Ways to Create Quality Mother-Daughter Time

Danielle Joworski is a Life and Executive Coach helping devoted Corporate Moms realize and own their worth, creating a satisfying life:work balance by living a fulfilled life and having a successful career. She is a 2017 Rhyze Award winner honoring women entrepreneurs, and a bestselling and award-winning Author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls. To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Facebook or download a complimentary gift from her website at www.daniellejoworski.com. #defineyoursuccess