3 Options for Women to Awaken their Inner Heroine

3 Options for Women to Awaken their Inner Heroine

Awaken the power of the stories you tell yourself. Are they helping or holding you back from your dreams? What are they telling our younger generation of girls?

This is for all women.

Women who are catching themselves in the act of negative self-talk ... much too often.

Women who are trying to focus on being positive but find it difficult to do because they are feeling less-than-positive.

Women who look around them and see, hear and feel that other women pursuing their passions and thinking ... "why can't I?"

Awaken your Story, Heroine, Power

When I resigned from my corporate career to focus on re-connecting with myself, many women reached out to me and shared their dreams, desires and fears.  They too were feeling dissatisfied and living without passion.

Luckily for me, I had surrendered to something I had never thought I would do to help myself and change my mindset: I enrolled in a coaching program.  And it changed my life.

ATHENA Prodigies, Empowering Women Empowering Girls

I am open about the transformation that I went through.  From struggling, corporate career Mom trying to "do it all", to releasing myself from the fears that were holding me back from happiness.

All these stories, and more, were told to women in my book The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls.

As I started down a new path as an Author and Entrepreneur, I was not sure how to shape my new, chosen, career.

I tried Freelance Writing for a bit.  I enjoyed it,  but was not passionate about it.  I also constantly received feedback from clients and peers that they felt like I would make a good coach or consultant.

Once I made the decision to change from being a writer to a Catalyst, my world changed once again.  It's like my life purpose was illuminated right in front of me.  My leadership and mentoring skills, born and grown in the corporate world, were extremely useful to the clients I worked with.

I found that I was able to work effortlessly with my two worlds.  My life experiences and stories provided me with a unique breadth and depth of experiences.  I connected with the mindset and lifestyle challenges of both working women and entrepreneurial women.

When I turn the clocks back almost 2 years now, although coaching had such a positive impact on my life and my results, it took me months to enroll in a program.


The time and cost of the program were more than I could even think of spending.  I had never considered spending either of those attributes on myself.  Spending $100 on a pair of winter boots was excessive for me at the time.

Months went by after my initial exposure to a coaching program.  Exposure at an event that I shed tears at because I was so frustrated with my results.  Feeling lost and like an observer in my own life.  Finally, when I felt like my personal and professional results could not get any worse, I signed up.

frustrated woman, overwhelmed mom, business, results, helpless feeling


My thoughts at that time?

Why not.  If it can help even a little bit, it will be worth it.

It was.  Saying investing in my personal development was life changing does not even come close to describing my transformation, and my results.

Catalyst Tools, Programs and Services for Women Based on Proven Results

Catalyst (coaching) programs

I believe that personal development programs should be accessible to everyone, especially for women.  I have first-hand experience of the positive benefits and empowerment that can come with a shift in mindset.  An awakening to the power of the stories that I was telling myself.

The ATHENA Prodigies, #contentthatconnects, Heroine, Awaken your Story

I have quickly grown into a sought-after resource and expert as a Catalyst. This is why I have created individual,  group and business catalyst services for women.  I help to ignite the spark of potential within women of all generations who are looking for help to change the results, or stories, in their lives.


Online, virtual, self-directed or LIVE.  With a background in Adult Education, training and instructional design, I create programs and workshops of varying lengths, formats, flexibility and cost, to meet both the learning and lifestyle needs of busy women.

The latest trend (and for good reason)?  Online programs.  Content that is easily accessible, and flexible to your lifestyle needs allowing you move along at your own pace.

I help women to connect with their inner Heroine ... she's in there! ...and learn how the stories that they are telling themselves are holding them back from what they want.

What makes me different?


I also focus my work on empowering women to empower all generations of women they surround themselves with, from girls to grandmothers.

I believe that as women feel empowered to aspire to achieve their goals and dreams, they are beautiful (and REAL) role-models and mentors for our younger generations of girls.  This is why The ATHENA Prodigies is also written for women to read WITH girls.

What stories do you know that could help girls to be more confident, strong and courageous to aspire to achieve their dreams?  What dreams and stories do girls have, what are their perceived barriers and how as empowered women, can we help empower them?

Watch below to learn more about the international best-selling, and award winning book, The ATHENA Prodigies.

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A Catalyst, not just a Coach

My 'why' behind what I do inspires me to create tools, programs and services that:

  • Awaken not just women to their stories but,
  • Help women to be the catalyst to awakening the generations of women around them.  Heroines igniting the spark within Heroines.

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Awaken. Empower. Master.


Danielle Joworski, The ATHENA Prodigies, Awakening Catalyst

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