Features and Development Cost of Netflix Clone

Features and Development Cost of Netflix Clone
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The coronavirus pandemic has attracted many users towards binge-watching movies, serials, shows, etc. on Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime clone, Netflix Clone

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The coronavirus pandemic has attracted many users towards binge-watching movies, serials, shows, etc. on Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime clone, Netflix, Netflix Clone App, etc. Now, these video-streaming apps can be found on every other person’s mobile phone easily. It is because of multiple movies and shows provided by them, and among all of them, Netflix has got a higher place in people’s hearts.

At the time of lockdown, most people preferred these online video-streaming apps despite a broadcast network. In this post, we will discuss the advantages and features of Netflix and Netflix clone apps that attract users to this?

Advantages of Netflix Clone App

30-days Free trial

Top-notch streaming of latest videos

Without any Ad and promotional ad

High-demanding series and movies

Extensive range of ‘original shows and series.’

High-quality driven content

Affordable and monthly/yearly basis membership plans

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Features of Netflix Clone App

With these below-mentioned features, Your Netflix Clone app can make aFor Web panel (Admin)ll the viewers stick with it. Here are some basic and Add-on features-

Basic Features For Customers

Sign up or register via any social media account and verification the mobile number.

Profile management, including my list and recently, added shows and series.

Included Series list and notifications & search.

My account containing manage language

Redeem promo code and gift cards

Upgrade or update the subscription plans

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For Web panel (Admin)


Customer management via managing movies and shows

Managing genres and trailers

Managing settings and filters

Managing download shows and featured programs

Handling subscriptions and payments

Add-on Features

For Customers

Chatbot integrations

Ratings and reviews

Offline shows via downloading them

Banner ad display

Commenting on shows and movies

For Admin

Manage most famous and searched shows

Manage ratings and reviews

Traffic analytics

Manage ads

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Top-notch key Features of Netflix Clone App

Unlimited Access

Netflix Clone Script allows the customers to watch all the unique and exclusive content known as ‘Netflix Originals’ that can’t be found elsewhere.

The ultimate collection of content

Users can watch unlimited movies, shows, and series without any fixed time limit.

Multiple Profile Access

Customers can build up to five different profiles in a single Netflix clone app for iOS and Android users.

Multi-device Support

Customers can easily switch between any device and can begin watching a movie anywhere through smartphones and can resume it anytime.

Team Required for Creating Netflix Clone App

Building a successful Netflix Clone app needs an entire team full of skilled and dedicated professionals. Have all the experienced and rich-knowledgeable individuals who can provide you custom web and mobile app development. Here are the needed team titles-

Project Manager

Business Analyst

UI/UX designer

iOS app developers

Android app developers

Quality analyst

Backend developer

Estimated Cost to Create a Video Streaming App such as Netflix

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The overall cost of a Netflix Clone app is based upon numerous available features and its building structure that will be added as per the client’s demand. Generally, the cost of building a full-featured video streaming app will be up to $55,000 to $60,000, and it will take the time of 160 to 180 days to develop the app.

If you want a web platform to go along, then the cost will be up to $30,000 and more. The cost also depends upon the cross-platform provided by the app development company. The charge of development will enhance as you add more and more features and platforms. But you have to make a sharp investment initially if you want a better return. You can go to famous platforms that are iOS, Android, and websites.

Final Words

We have provided features and estimated development cost of a Netflix Clone Script that will help you to know what it takes if you want a successful video streaming app development. However, there are already various great players in the market who are well-established and popular enough. So you have tightened the belt to make your place among these existing giants.

In case of any issue, you can take assistance from a leading mobile and web app development company that can be proved a game-changer for you in this on-demand video industry. Despite these popular video streaming apps, you can be the first to bring unlimited online streaming capabilities.