eLearning App Development — Trends, Types, Features, and Cost

eLearning App Development — Trends, Types, Features, and Cost

An eLearning app must leverage latest trends & features to woo students, teachers, & administrators. Read the latest trends, features, & cost of eLearning apps.

The eLearning market is expected to cross a whopping 370 billion USD by 2026, as per Statista. For leveraging this great forecast, multiple business enterprises besides educational institutions are trying to make a fortune out of it. If you are also looking forward to investing in eLearning app development! You have landed on the right page.

This blog will discuss the following topics to help you make a valuable eLearning mobile app.

• Latest trends in eLearning apps

• Stats for understanding the market size, growth rate, etc.

• Famous types of eLearning apps

• Must-have Features in an eLearning app

• The total cost of development

It seems you got a lot to learn from this blog. Let'sLet's start with our first topic

Latest trends in eLearning App Development

eLearning App Development — Trends, Types, Features, and Cost

Significant advancement in technology affects every industry vertical, and immediate effect is visible in the digital world. Even a single innovative feature gives a business the much-needed edge required to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, you should not lose on the latest trends of eLearning apps to make the most out of it.

Have a look at the most potent ones listed below.

• Mobile learning is expected to lead the race of eLearning channels.

• High use of Microlearning.

• Extensive use of AR and VR to produce clear illustrations of complex concepts and terms.

• Machine Learning to help provide a personalized experience to learners.

• Gamification of concepts using AI, AR, VR, etc.

• Integrating Social Learning features.

Having covered the latest trends, let us now proceed to some important stats related to eLearning apps.

Latest eLearning App Stats

Look at the infographic below, which clearly indicates that Online eLearning has the highest market size in the coming years and is followed by mobile e-learning.

eLearning App Development — Trends, Types, Features, and Cost

Source: statista

As per Statista, Online eLearning is expected to cross 1,67,500 Million USD by 2026.

Mobile eLearning also has a great growth rate expectation standing at 48,500.

As per software outsourcing stats, 77% of U.S Organizations opt for professional companies and developers when outsourcing eLearning apps.

63% of high school U.S. Students opt for some digital learning platforms.

Globe News Wire's research report indicates the massive open online course may cross a stunning $25.33 billion by 2025.

eLearning App Categories you can go for

Course-Based Apps: These apps allow students and interested individuals to register for a range of courses that can be conducted online.

Apps for learning Language: These apps prove useful to those trying to learn a language new/foreign to them.

Virtual Classroom Apps: Based on modern technologies like AR, VR, etc., they offer real-time connectivity to students and teachers.

Game-based eLearning apps: Such apps are meant to educate their audience via games.

Online Tutoring Apps: They allow interested individuals to access free and paid tutorial videos or connect with subject matter experts.

Homeschooling Apps: They aim to assist both students and their parents in effective homeschooling.

Learning Management System Apps: Focused on school and academic institutions, these apps monitor performance, updates report to individuals, enhance communication, etc.

Assessment Apps, Student management system apps, etc., are also a viable option you can go for.

Let'sLet's look at the essential features of an eLearning App

An eLearning app development team must keep in mind that the app is to get used by students (users), teachers (partial users and partial administrators), and the management team (the primary administrators of the app). Based on the category of the users, the essential features are to vary.

Note: The chosen app type and budget will influence the ultimate list of features. The list below is only indicative of the essential and preferable elements.

Essential features for the Students

Guest log-in: This feature allows the student to access the essential element and get well acquainted with the app promising features.

Quick and Easy Sign-up: The sign-up page must be limited to few basic questions and must allow students to create a profile through social media platforms.

Search Bar: The developed search bar must help students look for a particular subject, teacher, e-books, etc.

Notification Alert: To remind students about the class schedule.

Video Conferencing: So, students can conveniently connect with tutors/experts from the app.

Essential features for the Tutors

Quick Sign-Up: Besides asking relevant and straightforward questions, the sign-up must also ask the teachers about their expertise in particular subjects to help students find and learn about them.

Dashboard: The developed dashboard for the teacher must allow them to conveniently manage classes, videos, study materials, etc.

Scheduling Classes: The tutors must be able to schedule classes for the students.

Notification Alert: To remind the tutor about his/her schedule of the day, any modifications done or updates provided by the higher administrative panel, etc.

Essential features for the Administrator/Management Committee

Quick Sign-Up: For creating a profile with a designated role.

Uploading and Managing courses: For adding and deleting the courses offered by the institute.

Scheduling Classes: For scheduling classes for different tutors and student groups (mainly for schools and coaching centers).

Notification Alert: To inform teachers, students about regular/modification in scheduled classes, exams, events, etc.

Payment Gateways: For maintaining the record of defaulters.

The app development company working on the project can ensure loads of additional features to provide you with an all-inclusive app.

The total cost of eLearning app development

The following factors influence the overall cost of any eLearning app development project:

Project Complexity: Whether the app you are trying to build is simple, medium-level, or highly complex in nature.

Total Features Integration: the more the number of features, the higher the cost increases.

Chosen Platform: Whether you want to launch the app over Android or Apple or both, influences the cost. Opting for cross-platform development proves reasonable when you want to reach a greater number of audiences at an affordable price.

Hourly Rates: The hourly rates of the developers team working on the project significantly influence the project's cost.

The ultimate cost may vary anywhere between $15,000 to $35,000.

Final Words

That was all about eLearning app development project trends, types, features, and cost. For ensuring affordable project development, you can connect with an eLearning app development company in India.

I hope the blog proves insightful to you.

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