How our design team can turn your ideas into your dream modern kitchen 2020

How our design team can turn your ideas into your dream modern kitchen 2020
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Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it should be a warm, inviting space that you love. Kitchens have come a long way from vast spaces filled with countertops and cabinets to the modern, customized designs we have today. Current designs offer the perfect combination of style, aesthetics, simplicity and space-saving options (like custom cabinetry).

Following current trends, Canadians allocate a portion of their annual budgets to home renovation projects. While this is true in all areas across the country, it is even more prevalent in large cities like Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

Kitchen renovations are the most popular type of renovation project in Canada. With 2019 coming to a close, it makes us think about modern kitchens in Toronto as well as the trends we will see modern kitchen design 2020.

How our design team can turn your ideas into your dream modern kitchen 2020

Black Interiors

White, cream and beige were some of the most popular colors that are typically associated with kitchen interior. These were often combined with pastel colours like mauve and blue.

Custom Cabinetry

We affectionately refer to kitchen cabinetry as the, “crown jewel that brings everything together.” Kitchen cabinets range from intricate and ornate to clean and simple designs.

Colour Customization

There was a time when many homeowners were highly satisfied with the trendiest colour in their kitchen, even if the style, design and furnishings looked very similar to other kitchens in their neighborhood, city or favourite magazine. . Times have changed! Today, the trend is bold statements using customized colour accents to add a unique personality to spaces. For instance, when choosing custom cabinets, most people prefer neutral and pastel colors like yellow and grey. However, there are also people who prefer darker colours like navy blue and black.

Patterned and Veined Countertops

Homeowners are looking to add interesting details by using patterned countertops in order to give them a more realistic look. Veins and marbling in various materials have the ability to give the space more character and definition.

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