How To Promote Events After Covid

How To Promote Events After Covid

Covid-19 has touched every facet of our lives. No business has been left unaltered by it. It is the single most important event in decades. It is an event that

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Covid-19 has touched every facet of our lives. No business has been left unaltered by it. It is the single most important event in decades. It is an event that has changed the manner in which less dramatic events, conferences, brand launches, weddings, concerts, and other such events, are promoted. Promoting an event is crucial to its success. Without enough buzz and attention, an event dies. An event lives by the enthusiasm it can excite among people. The bigger the buzz, the better. So let’s discuss how to promote events after Covid-19.

Start Early

Unless your brand is especially strong, you will need lots of time to build up buzz around a coming event. Time gives you the opportunity to engage your audience, to get them excited, to build up the event. Whether you use growth hacking or more traditional marketing strategies, time is always a bonus. Typically, you will need at least a week to market your event sufficiently to get the right enthusiasm and numbers. Shorter than that, and your event is likely to be a damp squib. If you know really far in advance and have the budget, a long build-up is best. Most B2B events have their attendance sorted months in advance, so that attendees can plan their trips ahead of time. Smaller brands and social media influences can afford to announce events a day or a week ahead of time.

If you have a very active and engaged following, you can announce an event a day or week ahead of time, because your audience will be ready to act.

If your event is a short event, then your audience will be able to fit it into their schedules, so you can have a brief marketing campaign for. If your event will last an hour or more, then you need to give your audience a lot of lead time so they can plan for it. Few people can make time for a long event, at the drop of a hat.

A long lead time to the event gives you time to iron out any faults or problems. With a long lead-time, you should aim for perfection.

Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Although an event can be consumed through recordings of that event, the most meaningful consumption of an event takes place when it is held. You have to find ways to get people excited about attending that event. At a time when Covid-19 still looms in the minds of many people, physical events need to be really important to get people interested.

Use inbound marketing tools such as social media posts, ads, videos, and other such tools, to win the attention of your audience and get them excited. You can use blog posts to demonstrate thought leadership and articulate the driving motives of the event. YouTube, Facebook and other traditional platforms are still powerful tools for reaching an audience. TikTok has become immensely important for businesses, and cannot be ignored in your event promotion. If you can excite your audience, your event venue will be buzzing when your event starts. Your audience will engage with your content, share it, spread the word, and be very eager to attend.