7 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now

7 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now

These are 7 ways you can make money online right now, without leaving your home.

You want to make money online during the coronavirus epidemic? Are you looking for ways to make money online to pay for your travels once the coronavirus pandemic subsides? International Living, a website that helps people travel and live abroad, has just released a new report with 50 ideas for making money in retirement. This report is for retirees looking to finance their overseas lives. But here's the key: In the mix of advice on how to open a gallery, become a tour guide, or join the craft beer revolution, there's smart advice anyone can use to make money online. "No matter your skill set, no matter what you do now or did in the past, there is an option that will align with your own skills and passions," the InternationalLiving.com editors explain.

Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor at International Living, says the list is extensive, but not comprehensive. Stevens says, "We created it in order to give people an idea of the potential opportunities out there." We've written a lot about how expats overseas fund their lives. Sometimes, it's online work like drop-shipping or writing. They may also offer in-person services, such as running a consignment shop or wedding planning. Online opportunities offer great flexibility and portability. It's important to note that many business owners from different countries tell us it's easier to open a business overseas because it's usually less costly and more bureaucratic than at home.

Although it may seem odd to begin a new career at this time, Jeff Opdyke, the Prague-based editor and contributor to International Living, says that "it is up to us all to learn how we can take back control over our lives, our lifestyles, and our personal happiness."

Opdyke also pointed out that despite all the harm coronavirus has done and all the future damage, there might be some positive outcomes for the workplace. He says that this crisis is demonstrating the ability for many workers to work remotely from their cubicles. In the post-corona world's cold corporate calculus, I believe we will see more visionary companies realizing that workers can work anywhere they want. Workers don't need to spend money on a cubicle farm if they already have somewhere to work - their home, a coffee shop or wherever else. This will result in increased productivity and success because employees will be motivated.

The lesson is that even though you may be working remotely now, it could eventually lead to living and working abroad. Opdyke's advice: Opdyke's advice? Over-productive? You can be more productive so that you have the leverage to discuss a work-at home lifestyle with your bosses. This assumes that you enjoy your work-at home life. Some people will not. However, if you are able to feel the freedom that remote workers feel, this is an excellent time for you to shine, so bosses pay attention."

You can earn money online in these 7 different ways, whether you want to travel to another country, work remotely in the current environment, or restructure your career so that you can work remotely for life. This is valuable information that you can use during the current economic crisis and beyond.

We have three money-making ideas that we can use from the International Living List that we hope to do when the world returns to normal.

1. Get paid for your photos

Are you a skilled photographer or do you live in an area that is in high demand for images? International Living advises that stock photography websites are large repositories full of photos, covering nearly every subject possible. How does this work? Photographers have the ability to upload images to one of many huge databases. This allows magazine editors, designers, and any other organization to purchase them. Stock websites are great because photos can be sold multiple times, so you can make more money. Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images are all good options for photography sites.

2. Make How-To Videos

International Living says that YouTube has become the most popular source for video guides and courses in recent years. "Instructors have the option to monetize their videos by charging subscription fees or password protecting content for paying customers." Here are some tips from a real estate agent who made $100,000 on YouTube in a month. International Living also suggests that you get to know what people search for. Start by typing "how do you [your topic]" into YouTube’s search bar. You will be able to see the phrases that are generated in YouTube's auto-fill dropdown. When you create your video title, description, or tags, make sure you use the same keywords.

3. Become a copywriter

You can make a lot of money no matter where your home is, whether it's a beach house in Latin America or a historic European city. You might be a good candidate for copywriting. International Living says that copywriting is a huge industry, full of opportunity. It is looking for people who can help it grow with new marketing messages. One of the greatest benefits of a freelance copywriter's life is that you can earn U.S. Dollars and live anywhere in the world. Express Writers offers tips and resources for job opportunities.

4. Teach English

International Living says that even though you might not be a native English speaker, your number one qualification is English. This qualifies you to earn a stable, fun income from anywhere in the globe. GoOverseas.com and TeachAway are some of the resources. These include iTutorGroup (teach English online for Taiwanese students), TeachAway (teach English to Chinese children and adults), and English Hunt (teach English over the phone to Korean adult students).

5. Make your interests into a podcast that pays

International Living says that podcasting doesn't need to be difficult. You'll need a microphone, a laptop, and free recording software to get started. Podcasts don't have to be run every day. They can run once a week, but they are more effective when they're shorter. A podcast can make you money in many ways. Commercial sponsorship is the most obvious, but you also have the option to use it to promote your products and services. NPR offers a great guide for starting a podcast.

6. Create websites

Are you able to create web pages and other content? These services can be offered to anyone through online tools that make creating beautiful websites easy. These resources include Joomla, Weebly, and WordPress.

7. Learn how to become a translator and interpreter

Are you fluent in another language? If you are looking for expat communities, and English is not your first language, then you will need to use translation and interpreting services. Online interpretation and translation are also possible. There are many resources available to help you become a translator or interpreter online. Welocalize is one of the most popular companies that offer remote job opportunities. It was ranked number 20 on this list in 2020.