#Quality Relationships & The #Internet - It's About Valuing Time

#Quality Relationships & The #Internet - It's About Valuing Time

We have all been given the power and we must respect it.

Our Power

Everyone now has the POWER to connect more than ever before.

We have the power to FOLLOW 200, 400 or more people on twitter in a single day.  100s of new "connections" Is that valuable?

We have the power to upload a YouTube video and broadcast to the world what we are all about within minutes?  Is that valuable?

The day people had the ability started to FOLLOW thousands of people and see friends of friends & connect 100 times faster than before,  I wondered what the long-term implications of this might be...

We are 10 years into this capability, and what's incredible is how the lifecycle of this capability has fallen into a predictable result.

Like any new relationship gaining new friends, old friends, new followers, is quite exciting.

Also, like any relationship, if it lacks quality, it fizzles.

You know this. There are studies that validate this and how many how many close relationships we can actually develop.

Full disclosure, I believe in the depth of the connections that can be made online. Trust me on that one. But,  I also believe that there are a significant amount more of poor quality connections that are also being made.

These new found links will also fizzle.

As a business...Are you tweeting because you want to offer us something deep or do you want to "just get the message out"

Be careful. Because poor quality can lead to alienation of your clients.

In business, business happens often when the pain of the consumer (hunger) looks like it will be satisfied by the messaging of the business (Juicy Hamburger)

Now-a-days businesses are out there with more hooks on the line than ever before and they are still having a hard time catching fish?

You tell me... No seriously, tell me how it is that businesses have all of these tools, and they still can't grow their business?

Is There A Quality Disconnect?

Are businesses not building business because their attempt at connecting is deemed to be poor quality?

#Quality Relationships & The #Internet - It's About Valuing Time

Image found by Gabriel Laroche

There is a saying I am sure we all know,  "we get out of life what we put into it." and when thinking about the world wide web, I'd like to make the age old argument that less is more.   That 1 attempt at a QUALITY connection may have more value than 10 weaker connections.

All I am saying is this...

Whether you are putting something out there or taking something in, value your time, and value the time of the recipient and you are going to find the Internet is ridiculously powerful.

If we start to focus on finding and presenting quality of anything and not a quantity of garbage...I am sure we will all find, this is where true connections are made.

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