#seo pros vs #contentmarketing pros - who do we need more??

#seo pros vs #contentmarketing pros - who do we need more??

So...this could set up a bit of controversy. What do you think?

Spoiler Alert:  You can't have one without the other!!

Let's start with thinking about what defines the ingredients needed to be successful online.

1) You need good content on your website:

The truth here is that without a foundation of good deep content on your website, another business will surpass you in search results if they have taken the time to create good content on their website.

So, simply put, you need a content marketer to create great "strength of content" on your website. That can be you the business owner. The truth is, however, creating content is one of the most important, least completed tasks by many business owners today.

Without a strategy of words on the website and an understanding of what people are searching for, it's entirely possible that the words on your website could end up being disorganized and not generate much traffic.

We subscribe highly to the topic cluster mindset on a website to organize good content.  What does this mean?

It means if you want to be found for the search term "yoga", we highly suggest you have a main yoga content and sub yoga topic pages pointing back to the original yoga content vs. having one page with every type of yoga described on the single page.

The SEO professional can easily do a bit of research to structure the content plan on a website so that words and content you present are easier for the search engines to interpret.



2) You need your content referenced AND shared online. AKA Backlinks

What's a backlink? A backlink is when you write a piece of content and someone else hyperlinks to this content in their content.  There is no greater compliment than someone suggesting that your content is worth pointing too.

We look at backlinks as arrows pointing to and endorsing your content.

Generally, the more QUALITY arrows pointing back to a particular piece content. The more valuable it is perceived.

The more valuable it is perceived, the higher strength it will have in search.

  1. You need these ARROWS to be placed on multiple external legitimate pieces of content (endorsements)
  2. Additionally, you want these external pieces of content to be endorsed as well through other backlink reference and/or socially sharing.


Backlinks cont'd...

There are 2 basic ways for your content to get backlinks:

1) ORGANICALLY - The links above have been linked organically.  The content referenced by the link helped me make a point in this content and I proudly reference the content in this content. The author of Topic Clusters did NOT ask me to place it, neither did the other links in this content.

This is a huge win for the Search Engine Journal to gain search results for the term TOPIC CLUSTERS.  The link in this content is another ARROW pointing to their content.  The more this article gets referenced by QUALITY content, the more value it accumulates in search engines for the topic it has been designed for.

2) REQUESTED or PAID - The opposite of organic linking is when an SEO professional literally finds content and requests or pays for a link to be placed within a specific piece of content.  It's a very big industry. In fact, the going rate for a link to be "asked" to go on a piece of content is around $80.

Who's the WINNER HERE?

It's a tough call.

On one hand, if you don't get content out there and don't get backlinks, it's pretty hard for search engines to know you exist.  On the other hand, if your content needs to be referenced through a paid endorsement we wonder if that has the same value?

We don't really subscribe to the concept of content getting artificially referenced.  We see some SEO professionals just trying to SPAM links to sites just to get a link and that could HARM your search results.

If your links are built organically, you won't have that problem. How do you do this?  Write great content that gets shared naturally as part of a well defined SEO strategy.

Ok, Ok, so here is the deal!!

You need both, SEO professionals and content marketers to help you get found online.

You can't have one without the other.  When you are hiring someone to help you improve organic search, you need someone that uses tools like SEMRUSH to structure your content and the strategy of the content you need to write (SEO).

You also need a content marketer (if not you) to execute the strategy or the plan. Without content, Google has nothing to go on.  Without strong content, very few people will share your content or reference your content to get you those arrows!

Next Steps?

Find an SEO professional and a content marketing professional combination that gives you great confidence that they will use a common-sense approach to helping you get found online.  They should be able to express what they do in very simple terms. If they can, you are off to a good start.

Together, their combination is worth it's weight in gold.

Need help with SEO Planning? Need Help With Content Marketing?

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