Invest in your brand.

Invest in your brand.

Did you know that up to 80% of a company’s value is its intangible assets, its brand and other intellectual properties, making a company's brand its most valuable asset?

Companies go to great lengths investing a great deal of time and money into building their brands. A company's brand is the essence and foundation of who and what they stand for; it projects how the company wants its consumers to see, it tells consumers what the product, or service, does for them, physically and emotionally. A strong brand increases the company's product value and what consumers are willing to pay for it, driving premium prices and higher profits, making the brand their competitive edge.

It takes years of brand messaging and ongoing investment (advertising and other marketing activities) to build and maintain a strong brand. Unfortunately, it only takes days to destroy a brand's reputation and value. If a company allows other organizations to use their logo, positioning, tagline, or other assets, it weakens the brand’s unique positioning and reputation, reducing its value. This is why companies like Coca-Cola will never allow other companies to use similar logos or allow others to refer to their product as “the real thing”, or why companies like Rolls-Royce will never allow other companies to describe their product as "the Rolls-Royce of X”.