Communication is key for great agency/client relationships.

Communication is key for great agency/client relationships.

The agency/client relationship can be challenging, and it takes experience and an understanding of and of the needs of all parties involved to drive the best results.

Within the agency/client relationship, three distinct groups speak different languages. The creative team communicates from an artistic perspective, the client from the desired outcome perspective (sales, engagement, awareness, etc.), while account executives generally attempt to translate the messaging using emotion. These different languages may lead to a breakdown in communication, with the message becoming diluted, diminishing the impact of the brief, the pitch, and the creative.

To bridge this communication gap, agencies need to have a deep understanding of the client, their business, their customers, their needs, and the desired outcome of the creative. And the client needs to understand the creative process to effectively communicate all relevant information behind their ask of the agency and then evaluate the creative and provide effective feedback that ties directly back to the ask.

This disconnect is most often the result of an unclear or incomplete brief by the client and then ignoring the brief when evaluating the creative. The brief needs to be clear, concise, singular, and layout whom the target audience is, their needs, desires and motivations, the objective and desired outcome of the creative, and other elements including timing, budget, and any relevant information such as how the creative will be evaluated and by whom. If the brief does not have all these elements, the agency needs to ask the right question to clarify the client's request.

Having clear communication and a clear brief enables the agency to deliver world-class results that drive the client's business while saving both parties countless re-writes, time, effort, and cost. Gencher Insight works with both the client and agency sides to bridge the communication gap and help the client deliver great briefs that result in outstanding creative.